My Top Sale Picks this Weekend (Beauty and Clothing)

Nov 27, 2021

A few weeks ago I posted my top sale finds for the week, and so many of you really liked it! The views on that post honestly shocked me. I decided to make a similar post this week since I went to the mall for Black Friday. Further below are my top sale picks in both beauty and clothing (that are still available).

In particular, I really like Tarte's 30% off sale right now (they also have some items at 50% off), as well as Kendra Scott's current sale on their jewelry. Abercrombie also has some great sales that I posted earlier about. I have NO idea how their ribbed skirt is still in stock at it's current price point, so I included that in this post.

Last but never least, since it's still Thanksgiving weekend in the US, I wanted to leave you all with a little message! If you're a loyal follower of my site, thank you so much for your support. I am seriously SO thankful for you. I've been working on this blog for 8 years, it's my fun side hobby, and all of you are the reason I keep it going!

If you're new to the page, no worries! Thank you so much for checking it out, and I hope you stay with us! I recently started my LTK sure to check the site out regularly for exclusive posts I won't post here.