Friday, July 19, 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Here!

I think this is one of my favorite shopping times of the year. I've reached a point where I pretty much think of Mid-July and go "NORDSTROM SALE!" Sad, but terribly true...and I know I'm not alone! I used to go to school with someone who saved up just for this event.

And now it's July 19th which means the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is officially open to the public, and I am so excited! There are some really awesome deals this year!

As usual I have put some of my top picks together. Here's the full list!!

An Important Tip- popular sale items ALWAYS sell out quickly with this sale, and this is the first day it's been opened to the public. If you want something really badly, snag it while you can! I can definitely speak from experience!

Happy Shopping!


Friday, July 5, 2019

Need Basics? - Check Out the Target 4th of July Sale!

Target has some great 4th of July deals going on right now, starting at only $5!

If you need to update the basic pieces in your wardrobe, now is your chance! Tees, tanks, shorts, sandals, and dresses are all on sale. Basics are a great necessity for any wardrobe, and you use them so much more than you'd ever think!

It also looks like for July 5th only, you can save on swimwear with the code SWIM20. If you still need a new suit for Summer, why not add that to your cart too? Target offers free and easy returns so you can even buy multiple sizes to try on at home. I love my Target swimwear-the fabric holds up so well, and mine have always lasted me years.

Don't forget! You can get Free 2-Day Shipping when you spend $35 or use your REDCard. You can also opt to pick up your items in store to pass on the shipping fee as well. Depending on when you order, you can sometimes pick it up same day! 

Happy Shopping! Let me know what basics you got ;) I'm seriously excited to stock up on my tank tops! Hope all of you in the USA had a WONDERFUL 4th of July.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Revolve Sale Items: Amazing Deals!

Sales during this time of year are usually limited to winter items...gloves, sweaters, you name it. Don't get me wrong- it's awesome! Especially when you get to buy that $90 sweater for more than half the price. With that said, you can probably guess how stoked I was to find Revolve's sale page had dresses, bikinis and sets for summer. Score!!

In case you're new to Revolve-the website is well known for their wide range of designer brands, with many celebrity customers. I won't lie...a lot of their items are pretty pricey, but we ARE talking about designer items.

So when I say these items are worth checking out, I really mean it. The only downside is when sales are this good...people are quick to buy. Hoping you all get something in your size before it's gone!!

Fingers crossed and good luck!!

Last but NEVER least....I received a lot of followers for my blog posts these past two weeks. Thank you to all of you who subscribed, it means a ton to me! This blog started out (and continues to be) a hobby for me...and your support is greatly appreciated!! In that light...with the warmer weather coming up...outfit posts are on the horizon so stay tuned ;)

xx Dayna

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eat Your Heart Out: Valentine's & Galentine's Day Goodies

I've always loved Valentine's Day...yep I said it. 

Fun fact: I was almost born on Valentine' when I was a kid- seeing all the heart décor and t-shirts made me happy because it meant it was almost my birthday (yep that's kid logic). Because of that I've never had any hatred towards it...not even when I was single.

But honestly!  In today's world I think now is the best time to celebrate Valentine's single...because "Galentine's Day" is a real thing...

If you have no idea what that is I'll fill you in real quickly based on my research through google (so do not quote me). Galentine's started out fictionally through the show Parks and Recreation...and enough people went "Wow. This is a great idea!" and it became a real thing. On the 13th of February you get together with the "gals" in your life (I would totally break that rule and extend it but that's me).  Bring food, watch movies, go out for a night on the town- just have fun. There's no "perfect" way to celebrate- it's truly just about having a great time with your friends.   

So...whichever one YOU may be celebrating this February...I've searched the internet for some of the best clothing, décor and jewelry to help you (or you and your buddies) stand out in a crowd this holiday. But honestly- some of this home décor I'd keep around year long...there's some reeeaally cute stuff!!

If you shop now you can get some great goodies shipped to your door before the 13th and 14th. Super easy since you won't have to fight people for items on a shelf. 

Wishing you the best Galentine's/Valentine's yet!

xx Dayna