The Affordable Winter Handbag Series // Neutrals

Nov 26, 2013

The last part of the Affordable Winter Handbag Series is here! 

Today is all about neutral bags. Neutral colors are great for handbags because they go with almost everything in your closet. No need to worry about if your handbag doesn't work with your outfit. The chances of that happening with a neutral bag is pretty unlikely!

Thanks to the amazing sales right now, I've was even able to include a Michel Kors Wristlet! I think this is the first time that's been able to happen...and I'm a little too excited about it...
Retail Information:

1) Girl About Town Satchel, Forever 21, $21.80
2) MICHAEL Michael Kors Wristlet, Macy's, $48
3) Betsey Johnson Tic Tac Stow Bag, ModCloth, $78
4) Trimmed With Studs Clutch, DailyLook, $34.99

But sorry Michael, the Betsey Johnson bag is one of my favorites out right now. It's chic and fierce... two things that are hard to mix! Plus, it's out of the box. Which I definitely am. I will wear something crazy over something boring any day. Especially with my accessories!

Have a happy holiday everyone! Safe travels if you're headed out!

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Lust/Must: Vineet Bahl Embellished Peplum Top

Nov 22, 2013

Hey guys! I hope you like the new look! I spent a lot of time working on it!

Retail Information: 

If you have the time to check out this blog you're probably trying to relax. I know I do it. So why should you search for great steals vs. deals? Who wants to do that?

To help you out, I've cut out that part for you. While doing some late online browsing I came across this great lust vs. must and I had to share it! I know it isn't easy to find them!

The lust in this post is a Vineet Bahl peplum top. The picture doesn't do it's got beautiful embellishments. But I definitely don't have that much money to just throw around. Plus, can you imagine if you stained that? I think I'd cry!

Thankfully, H&M has a very similar version of this top. One that's budget friendly, especially around the holidays!

I think it's pretty perfect for New Years, or any holiday party right now. This is when we seem to bring on the sparkles!!

Btw a very sparkly post is coming sometime in the future......shhh thats just between me and you. 

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The Affordable Winter Handbag Series // Winter White

Nov 17, 2013

It's here! Part 2/3 of the Affordable Winter Handbag Series!

Winter white is my favorite handbag color when it gets cold out. It goes so well with all of the holiday sweaters, mugs, scarves and mittens we wear! You don't have to worry about changing your handbag to match your outfit so it makes getting ready a lot easier! Especially when you have to focus on shopping for gifts!

So, to get you prepared for this coming season, here's an easy way to get your winter handbag out of the way. Here are some of my favorite winter whites! Starting at $9.99! I'm serious!

Retail Information: Click on links to go their retailers!

Btw, have any of you been to the mall lately? I went yesterday and wow it was packed! I also thought it was funny that they played....get this...Backstreet Boys music in between Christmas songs at the food court. I was like "Who came up with this mix? Seriously?!" 

But needless to say, I got some great deals. H&M has sweaters this weekend for buy 1 get 1 free! Plus an extra 10% off when you text for it at the checkout counter. And H&M sweaters are not the cheapest around! So I freaked out at that deal. I'll post a picture later as my proof.

Express also seemed to have an awesome deal, but I didn't have time to go in and check it out! So...heads up with that as well!

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What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Nov 13, 2013

Hey Frugalista's!

Thanksgiving can be a really stressful time for all of us. The baking, traveling, and tidying up can make you dizzy!

One thing we shouldn't have to worry about is what we plan on wearing. Yet, every Thanksgiving I definitely do! You only get to see certain family members for these holidays--especially if they live far away. So you definitely don't want to show up in sweats! How you dress can greatly reflect how you are in life. Messy, eclectic, organized, etc.

So here's a fool-proof guide I've created to help YOU find the perfect outfit for this Thanksgiving.

The Rules:

1) BE INSPIRED BY FALLS COLORS - Find pictures of Fall that inspire you. Notice the colors in them! When you are putting together your Thanksgiving outfit, keep these colors in mind. It helps a lot!

2) TYPE OF EVENT? - We all have different Thanksgivings. So you need to decide what category yours...and the outfits worn will fall under. Casual? Casually Dressy? or Dressy? This will help you decide if you need to even consider heels!

3) TONE IT DOWN! - Yes! Be inspired by Fall colors! But don't overdo it! Use dark browns and blacks to help balance your outfit, and keep you from looking too festive!

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The Affordable Winter Handbag Series // Black

Nov 6, 2013

The colder temps have arrived, and with that we have to put away our favorite colorful handbag. Sad I know! Time to take out the neutral, winter white and black handbags instead. But don't fear, a simple handbag is now far from ordinary!

For the fun of it, this is 1 of 3 posts in my Affordable Winter Handbag Series!

Today we start with black handbags, and then I will follow with winter whites and neutrals in the coming weeks! Hope you enjoy them! They are all highly rated (I checked!) and super cute! Because those two mean tons to us, am I right? :)

Product Information: click the links below to go to their retailers

Black bags are a wonderful way to show your style. Pick through varieties of textures, details and embellishments to find a bag that really stands out! The above bags all have features that really make them shine.

For example, the first from Daily Look has a great leather texture that makes it look very chic. Plus you get the studded details! My favorite however is the one by Urban Outfitters. The metal embellishments make it so luxe! Especially the dainty chain strap. Perfect for upcoming holiday outfits or even just a quick trip to the coffee shop.

So breathe and keep calm this holiday season by worrying about one less thing. Your new winter handbag :)

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Dress Fall Casual With What's Already In Your Closet!

Nov 1, 2013

It's comfy, it's casual, and it's fashionable?!

Fall casual looks are on trend right now and I'm definitely not complaining. I'll happily wear comfy boots and scarves to college class over heels and skirts (yes, I've done it). But it isn't easy for everyone--I've seen plenty of women accidentally ruin this look. And oh man it kills me to see it! This trend requires laziness...not over thinking. The kind I had in elementary school when I would sneak on the bus with different colored socks. Shh...don't tell.... are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you nail this trend!

1) Start With Four Basics
-A Pair of Jeans
-A Long Sleeve Tee
-A Casual Piece of Outerwear (oversized sweaters work too!)

 2) Add Comfy Elements - Anything comfy will do. Just make sure that the colors all go with one another! Some of my favorites are knee high socks, infinity scarves, mittens, & snow hats.

3) Jewels are Optional- If you want to make your casual look a little more glamorous, add minimal amounts of jewelry. Midi-rings, a pendant necklace, etc. Otherwise, you can skip it.

 4) Carry Around A Hot Drink - This is just my personal weirdness. But everything just feels cozier with hot mugs of apple cider or coffee. Try it out!

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