70's Rocker Vibes / Lace Up Distressed Tee & Booties

Nov 23, 2016

Today's outfit is simple to put together, super comfortable and very "rocker-esque". Not sure if that's even a word but I just made it up!

It all started with this tee I found at the Forever 21 store for $15. There's this thick lace up detail on the shirt that makes it feel a step above any other distressed tee. I love how unique it makes it!

I decided to pair it with my favorite skinny jeans that I found at TJMaxx. They are Michael Kors and have this really bright denim color that has yet to fade on me. I've come to the conclusion that splurging on pants is a smart decision. Not only because they provide greater quality than other brands, but A LOT more comfort as well. If this pair was $15 I'm sure I would have gone through 3 of them already.

Oh and of course I added my booties. I'm all about the booties this year. Sorry world, I'm addicted!

TOP: Forever21 (Very Similar Here)
JEANS: TJ Maxx (Similar Pair Here)
BOOTSFranco Sarto (Almost Exact!) 

xx Dayna
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The Top Products for Oily Hair

Oct 1, 2016

Top Products for Oily Hair

If you have super oily hair that forces you to wash it every day of the week, then guess what... this post is for you! I've had oily hair since I can remember, and it's always driven me crazy. I've tried several shampoos that promised they would fix my hair, and most if not all of them failed me.

I like the idea of going on blogs and seeing what other people prefer for their specific needs. I find that's how I get some of my favorite products! So with this in mind, I've decided to share my personal favorite products for oily hair. They are always the products I end up coming back to time and time again!

Please note, I am not a hair professional and what I say below is my personal opinion only. The facts below are ones I've learned over time through magazines, internet research, etc. I haven't been paid for any of these products to be my favorites. They indeed, are my favorites. :)

My Favorites
Best Oily Hair Shampoos
1) This shampoo is amazing if you have a lot of build up in your hair that's weighing it down, making it oilier, flat and unappealing. Both tea tree and lemon are in this shampoo, which is wonderful! Tea tree oil provides natural benefits for the hair, which include antiseptic properties. It's also well known for breaking up build up within the hair. Lemons are astringents, meaning they have the ability to shrink pores (ever heard of an astringent for your face?). With smaller pores on your scalp, not as much oil is able to secrete. Meaning cleaner, less oily hair! *These are also great ingredients for acne...just an FYI.*

2) Same goes for this guy, except tea tree oil is not part of the ingredients. I like to use this shampoo on a daily basis, while the first one I stick to once a week. In my opinion there is no need to super clean your hair every day. With this shampoo I'm able to keep my hair clean from product build up without it drying my hair out.

3) After the gym you sometimes don't have the chance to wash your hair. This stuff is high quality and it's a LIFESAVER. It smells amazing, doesn't give your hair a gray appearance, and blends in evenly.

4) This shampoo bar from Lush is made with lavender. According to Lush's website, "the juniperberry oil sorts out your oily, congested scalp, while lemon and lime make your hair clean and shiny." It smells amaaaazing and really breaks down build up. A great choice if you're all for natural, anti-animal cruelty products.  

5) Not a shampoo, but a boar bristle brush is an essential if you use dry shampoo...especially if your hair is long. The bristles help distribute your hairs natural oils throughout, which I find leads to your hair looking and feeling much healthier.  Boar bristle brushes are also great for blending in dry shampoo.

6) This is my favorite affordable dry shampoo to date. The powder smells like a delicious lemon bar, and I find it blends through quite well. JUST be sure not to overdo it. This powder builds up fast, so the less you use the better the results. Because of this it takes forever for me to go through a bottle!

Lush products can also be purchased directly from Lush!

Also as a separate tip, I find that highlighting your hair helps reduce the amount of oil it produces as well. Probably not for the best reasons since it's essentially drying your hair out. But if you're in desperate need of options, definitely give it a shot.

As always, have a great week everyone!

xx Dayna
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Comfortable Chic : Space-dye Romper & Platform Sandals

Sep 4, 2016

I was bumming around this Sunday when I got a last minute invitation to go out. I pulled together this look in a frenzy, and it turned out to be one of the comfiest outfits I've ever worn. Why does everything go that way? You can spend 30 minutes putting together an outfit that looks horrible, but when you have a limited amount of time you somehow luck out?? Aaaagh.

I bought this romper for lazy days around the house, not realizing how versatile it was! It can be dressed down or dressed up in a matter of minutes. The necklace was one I had rented for a wedding earlier that weekend, and the sandals are incredibly comfortable. When I first found them in a store (and they weren't in my size) I searched the internet for them and could only find one left in my size.

Anyway I really hope you guys love this look as much as I did! Let's get to the details now! :) 

The necklace I'm wearing is only $15 from Rent the Runway. I highly suggest them if you want expensive items for practically nothing, especially for a big event! Just be sure to snag whatever you'd like quickly; their products rent out very fast! Here's my personal link to get you started!

As for the rest...here's the exact look as well as the more expensive dupes!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xx Dayna
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Gifts for Unicorn and Mermaid Lovers

Jun 25, 2016

If there's one thing I like, it's unusual things. I've loved unicorns and mermaids for what feels like my entire life. How can you not? They are freaking awesome!!

Luckily for those like me, the internet is busting at the seams with unicorn and mermaid themed material. I couldn't wait to make a post of my favorite pieces out right now. The best part is they aren't childish in the least. You can rock them anywhere and absolutely stay in style! That Baywatch themed swimsuit? Amaaazing.
Mermaid Hat / Rest of Items are Below!

To be honest, both of the swimsuits here are my top favorites in the blog post. The mermaid bikini has faux shell cups! Just like Ariel's! Pair it with a fishtail braid and mermaid themed case and you are beyond set for the pool. 
Talking about the pool, have any of you gone swimming yet this summer? I have yet to go and I'm super bummed about it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to before Fall kicks in! Last summer I think I went swimming once. That's just not right....

As always, wishing you all a wonderful week! Big shout out to my new Insta followers! You're the best :) Time to go eat sushi...which is oddly in theme with this post as well.... 

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Queen of Hearts // BlackMilk Meets Casino

Jun 14, 2016

Usually I have no idea what I want to wear...until I'm about 4 minutes from leaving my place. So when I was headed to the Casino with my boyfriend, he was prepared for me to take 2 hours to get ready. You can understand his shock when I knew exactly what I wanted to wear! Ironically I had purchased a Queen of Hearts dress a few months ago, which ended up being perfect for the night. I got tons of compliments from people I didn't know, and it made me love my dress even more!

Something definite about Casino Wear is you can go all out. Sequins, glitter, you name it! Although the place is filled with the occasional person in sweats, the chance of seeing it is slim to none. If I could pass along a tip, it would be to not fear showing skin and stick to neutral colors. Feeling rebellious? Wow everyone with a red number! Most importantly, make sure to have a blast. We don't get to be young adults for too long am I right? :)

Dress // Wedges (Similar) // Purse (Almost Exact) // Bracelet

In other news, my blog has finally reached the 3 year mark, and to celebrate I finally bought a domain. *Valley Girl Voice* I feel so professional you guys! If you ever have suggestions on how to make the site better, feel free to e-mail me! I love to hear from you, and appreciate criticism of all kinds. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week as always! Don't forget to follow my Instagram to see what I'm up to!

 xx Dayna
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Spring in Your Step - White Floral Dress and Denim Vest

May 14, 2016

This weekend I had to go to bridal shower, and I wasn't sure at first what to wear. With Spring temps it's hard to decide on something! After a while of debating, I decided to pull the following together from my closet. This Free People dress is one of my favorites and I've worn it so many times! The material has a beautiful texture to it and the colors on the flowers are so pigmented! It also has a great A-shape which works on almost all body types. Because it was sort of cold I decided to pair my dress with a crochet denim vest from Target. Although it's not available anymore, I found an almost exact match from Burlington Coat Factory for only $12! 

For my shoes, I decided on these gorgeous Ivanka Trump wedge sandals I got for a steal during the Nordstrom Friends and Family Sale. What I love about Ivanka's shoes is that most of her wedges are made with cork. It's a great material for sore, tired feet since it has a lot of absorbtion. If you hate high shoes like me because of the pain, splurge on some cork wedges! It's well worth it!

Dress - On Sale!  // Vest - Similar for Only $12!  
Sandals- Ivanka Trump Gareno (Bought w/ Nordstrom Sale)

In other news, I was invited to be part of the Lions Home blog directory! I'm really excited to be part of their website, and am looking very forward to the change! To check them out, click the small icon on the right column of my blog. You can't miss it!

Wishing everyone an amazing week as always!!

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Beautifully Boho : Amazing Pieces On Sale!

Apr 12, 2016

Hey guys! Long time no see, right?  I'm really excited about today's post because it's about one of my favorite topics....sales! I've gathered some beautiful boho pieces that are high quality, well recognized brands, and yes...all on sale. So before you head out to a local festival this month, make sure to check out what I've put together for you!

What's great about more expensive pieces is that they are built to last. But before you raise your eyebrow at me...remember that I'm frugal! You never have to buy anything full price. Yep I said it. If you wait long enough, that brand you've been stalking for months will have a sale. It's inevitable! 

In fact, some of the longest lasting pieces in my closet are from expensive brands. But I never paid full price for any of them. 

So with that tip in mind, let's get checking out those awesome sales! :) 

Have a great week everyone!
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How to Plan Stylishly Casual Outfits

Feb 15, 2016

TOP: Victoria's Secret / / SCARF: Victoria's Secret (Was a gift w/purchase)
LEGGINGS: Victoria's Secret Pink / / BOOTS: Bucco Heyman (On Sale for $30 instead of 120!)

Because the wind chill is about -10 degrees outside, I decided to do a post today on how to style comfortable outfits! Stylishly comfortable outfits are great when you're traveling and don't want to appear like you've just rolled out of bed. Whenever I plan a casual outfit, I make sure to always stick to to the following rules. With this small guide I can ensure that your travel or campus outfits will always be on point!

1) THE SILHOUETTE - Always, always, always pay attention to the silhouette of your outfit. If you have something baggy or oversized on one half of your body (like I did here with my sweater), make sure the other half of your body is tight fitted. In this case I used a simple, cozy pair of leggings. This technique keeps your outfit from appearing ill fitted and creates a great slimming effect.

2) ACCESSORIZE - In school I was known for wearing chandelier earrings with my sweatshirts...and that's because it looks freaking awesome! Because comfortable clothing can appear dull or boring on it's own, adding a few accessories here and there make it a lot more fun without putting a ton of effort into your outfit. In the colder months I focus on wearing a lot of scarves, and once it gets warmer I lean toward chunky statement necklaces. No matter what the weather, make sure you to pair some unique shoes with everything in the end, like my knee highs here from Bucco. The buckle detail reminds me of Darryl from The Walking Dead!!

That's it! I wish you guys well on your future cozy outfits! Tag me yours in Instagram, I'd love to see them!

By the way, for all you fashion bloggers out there....a huge thumbs up to you guys for standing outside in dresses during this freezing weather. I thought one of my limbs was going to break off with just a sweater! I couldn't use the close-ups because my nose turned bright red...haha :P

xx Dayna

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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Feb 9, 2016

Hey guys!! Today I'm here with a list of the top (and last minute) Valentine's Day gifts for him.  The following Valentine Gift ideas are all $27 or less! Plus, they all have available 2-Day Shipping, which is free if you're an Amazon Prime member! I can't speak on behalf of Amazon, but if you order soon they should arrive on time. 

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him 2016

(Clockwise from Top Left)
*All Include Prime Shipping (If In Stock!)*

1) Best Husband Ever Tee -$16.99 : This is great valentine gift idea for just about any husband out there. Make them feel loved and enjoy watching them laugh when they open it! A lot of similar shirts are quickly going out of stock on Amazon, so if you like this shirt I recommend you hurry and order one!

2) Six Pack Greeting Card Box  -$15.95 : No one has time to make a DIY Beer Holder from a Pinterest tutorial. Here the work is done for you, and did I mention that it's also a card? Freaking innovative!

3) BOLDLOFT® "Say I Love You" His & Hers Couples Pillowcases -$26.99 : I've bought these for Anniversary gifts and everyone always mentions how cute they are! If you have a more sensitive guy in your life, this is definitely a great valentine gift idea to get him. (It might also stop him from using your pillow).

4) Love You & Love You More Couples Pillowcases - $12.99 : If you like the idea of the pillows above but want to spend less, these are $13 pillowcases are the way to go! That price is insane for printed pillows! P.S....I definitely bought one already :)

5) What I Love About Us Journal  -$10.50 &
6) What I Love About You Journal - $10.00 : I bought one of these for my boyfriend a few years ago, and he loved it! You fill in blank sections of the journal yourself so it's personalized for whoever you're giving it to. Definitely a great sentimental valentine's day gift idea if you're looking for one!

7) P.S. I Love You Picture Frame - $14.99 : One of the easiest Valentine gift ideas out there is placing a picture of you and your loved one inside a frame. This frame is only $15 and is very classic looking, allowing it to work with almost any indoor decor.

Hopefully this list has relieved your stress in the search for that perfect last minute Valentine's Day gift! If you have any other quick V-day gift ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below. I'd love to hear them!

(Also check out my last minute DIY V-Day Boxers from last year here)

xx Dayna

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Grunge Valentine's Day Dresses

Jan 17, 2016

In case you're new here, I'm a huge fan of grunge fashion. But when it comes to Valentine's Dresses, there aren't many alternative options available. In truth, they really suck! After practically breaking my computer in the search for the perfect V-Day dress, I decided to put my finds on here. Consider your search for grunge dresses finally OVER!
(From Left to Right) Affiliate Links

(From Left to Right) Affiliate Links

All of the websites above also have some more amazing grunge options. If you aren't too hot with any of the dresses I've listed, check out one of the links anyway and search around. You might find that perfect something!

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? For me it's usually a Netflix & Chill with my man and a box of chocolates. One year we went out to the movies and boy was that a mistake! Way too many ooey gooey couples. We're definitely not that type!

xx Dayna
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