Eat Your Heart Out: Valentine's & Galentine's Day Goodies

Jan 29, 2019

I've always loved Valentine's Day...yep I said it. 

Fun fact: I was almost born on Valentine' when I was a kid- seeing all the heart décor and t-shirts made me happy because it meant it was almost my birthday (yep that's kid logic). Because of that I've never had any hatred towards it...not even when I was single.

But honestly!  In today's world I think now is the best time to celebrate Valentine's single...because "Galentine's Day" is a real thing...

If you have no idea what that is I'll fill you in real quickly based on my research through google (so do not quote me). Galentine's started out fictionally through the show Parks and Recreation...and enough people went "Wow. This is a great idea!" and it became a real thing. On the 13th of February you get together with the "gals" in your life (I would totally break that rule and extend it but that's me).  Bring food, watch movies, go out for a night on the town- just have fun. There's no "perfect" way to celebrate- it's truly just about having a great time with your friends.   

So...whichever one YOU may be celebrating this February...I've searched the internet for some of the best clothing, décor and jewelry to help you (or you and your buddies) stand out in a crowd this holiday. But honestly- some of this home décor I'd keep around year long...there's some reeeaally cute stuff!!

If you shop now you can get some great goodies shipped to your door before the 13th and 14th. Super easy since you won't have to fight people for items on a shelf. 

Wishing you the best Galentine's/Valentine's yet!

xx Dayna

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