The Perfect Ankle Boots Under $50

Sep 30, 2013

Hey Frugalista's!

Before I start my post I'd like to add a thank you to all of you who are checking out my blog and following my accounts. It means more to me than you'll ever know! :)

It's finally boot season! Something a lot of people do right now that really irks me is wear We are individuals! Why not show it in on our shoes? Outfits stand out when they're different. Whether your style is boho, classic or rebellious, small details on your shoes can really make a statement about you.

Need some proof? A few times a year I see an elderly woman walking around my neighborhood. She is always wearing really bright Coach sneakers in the craziest patterns. Do I know her? No. Do I want to meet her? Absolutely! Her shoes tell me that she's pretty awesome!! get you guys started on finding your new perfect pair of boots, here are some that really speak for themselves.

What's the craziest pair of boots you own? Share below!

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Cute Animal Clothing under $40

Sep 27, 2013

Woodland animals are adorable. They're also everywhere right now! I've always been a big owl fan so I'm definitely eating this up. Before you know it I'll have a owl themed lifestyle. Think you've seen this trend before? You're not wrong. It was really big last year among celebrities but has apparently come back for a round two!

Animals like this remind me of when I went camping as a kid. I used to be terrified of half of them at night. Thinking they would eat me through my tent. Now I want to wear them? It's funny what fashion will do to you. Never thought I'd want to wear a bug on my finger.

Here's some of my favorites!

Critter Craze

How do I wear it?:
Small accessories and patterns can generally be mixed together in an outfit if they are similar colors. But, in my opinion, large graphics of animals need to always stay to only one per outfit. Otherwise, you can risk making your look appear childish. We don't want that!

What's your favorite way to wear cute animals?

Have a great Friday!

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The Best Clutches Under $50

Sep 21, 2013

(Above Clutch- $14.80)

Do you have a clutch? I never used to. I remember they were so gaudy years ago that I wouldn't go near one of them. Things have greatly changed! Clutches have gotten much more sophisticated and classy. They are great for parties because they aren't bulky, hold only the necessities you need, and can easily add to an outfit! Clutches can also be dressed down!

I'm loving clutches right now. Yes I said it. So because of my recent love, I decided to post my five favorite clutches!

    Have a great weekend guys!

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The Correct Way To Clean Out Your Closet

Sep 17, 2013

How to Correctly Clean Out Your Closet

Some people only spring clean. But I fall clean too! My closet that is!  The beginning of September has always been when I thoroughly clean out my closet. In my opinion, nothing prepares a closet for winter more than cleaning it out and adding space. Winter holidays + presents = tons of clutter opportunities! Don't let it happen Frugalista's! Start early!

Also worth noting...I decided on some things yesterday. To make my blog fit into my life better and have greater content for you, I've decided to post 1-2 times a week. I was attempting every other day but that made  my life a little too hectic! Blogs should be fun! Not stressful! As I get used to bloggin I will obviously update more. But if you have a blog too...remember! It's meant for fun!

But back to the fun stuff! Here's my rules for cleaning out your closet!

Rules to Follow:

1) Always Donate- If it isn't destroyed or stained, another person would be happy to wear it. Not your garbage can. Remember! One persons trash is another persons treasure!

2) Recycle- If it's destroyed or worn out, throw it in a bag for recycling. Check if your local center recycles clothing. A lot actually do!

3) Ask Questions- Sometimes it's hard to let go of some clothing. Even if you don't use it anymore. So ask yourself these questions to help you out.

  • Have I worn it in the past year?
  • Does it still fit me?
  • Is it still in style?
  • Have I outgrown it?
  • Does it reflect who I am? most important!!

These tips will help you get rid of a lot of stuff you've been saving. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to enjoy your clutter-less closet!

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Noteworthy: Clothing at Target

Sep 12, 2013

Hey guys! So...I know a lot of us love Target stores. I'm there all the time! There's always a reason for me to go. I went this week and saw all of their new clothes for Fall. Couldn't help but share some noteworthy pieces with you! Some of them looked pretty expensive which is great for us Frugalista's. What a great way to snag up some work wear for less! I usually have to wait till Loft runs sales!

Here are my favorite, noteworthy pieces:

Noteworthy @ Target

Item Information: (Click on links to go to their retailers)

Also worth noting. Target's next design collaboration with Phillip Lim is coming up on September 15th! Check out the items at Refinery 29. They show all the items which is great! I so want the animal print skirt like you have no idea.

(The top featured on my Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest: Printed Tunic Top - $24.99 )

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Romantic Maxi Skirts for Fall 2013

Sep 9, 2013

Hey guys! Can you believe it's September already? Have any of you been wondering how to wear a maxi skirt this Fall? I have! I also noticed that in September society seems to get a little obsessed with romance. Think snuggly over-sized sweaters, big hot mugs of cider and late night lounging by the campfire roasting marshmallows. Do any of you see it too? So...inspired by the season I compiled some of my favorite romantic maxi skirts. You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy them either. Be romantic whenever you freaking want to! Enjoy Frugalista's!

How Do I Wear It?
Some people love to pair over-sized sweaters with maxi skirts, but I'm not too crazy about it. Try this instead. Find a classic fit tee in your closet (black or white is the best). To avoid looking too bulky, tuck the tee into your skirt. Then throw a denim, faux leather (save them animals!) or moto jacket on top. Finish your look with some ankle boots or flip flops!

Romantic Maxi Skirts

Product Information: (Click on links to go to their retailers):
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On the Trend: Monochrome

Sep 3, 2013

It's all about black and white! These two colors seem to never go out of style..they are always chic and classy. But with the monochrome trend on the rise, it's time to mix the two! And what do you get? An outfit that contrasts and is amazing. Oh, and don't worry! You can wear this look without channeling Beetlejuice!

Jessica Alba loves this trend right now. I find her to be a huge inspiration to how I'd personally wear it. Check out my Pinterest to view some my monochrome inspirations for further help!


How do I wear it?

1) Stick to the Classics- Find classic skirts, blouses and tanks that are entirely black or entirely white. Then mix the two. It makes your outfit look very put together and professional.

2) Make a Statement- Wear a black and white pattern as 1 main garment item. Pants, a blazer, or even a dress! Too shy to try that much? A simple black and white bag or shoe will easily do the same job!

*TIP* A lot of us already have black and white striped shirts since they're a wardrobe staple! Don't have spending money this month? Dig out your striped shirt instead!


Here are my top frugal finds for this amazing trend:

The Trend for Less: Monochrome

Item Details (Clockwise // Click on links to instantly go to their retailers)

Classic Striped Woven Dress, Forever21 $27.80

School's Out Mini Backpack, NastyGal $58

Cats by Tsumori Chisato Striped Iphone 4 Case, Farfetch $28.67

Ettika Black & White Braided Bracelet, Max&Chloe $55

City Chic Striped Flats, Forever21 $16.80
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