Lounge-wear for Cold Winter Nights

Dec 31, 2017


It's 9 degrees where I am! Fashion blogging is definitely no match for this weather. There were days I'd stand outside in a skirt and pose but it's not worth it. My profile pic over there? >>> That was taken on a day it snowed. I remember I couldn't feel half my body after posing. I'd rather wait till it thaws out there and suggest the same for other fashion bloggers!

This winter I've been very dedicated in finding warm clothes to wear after work, or just for lounging around in. To my surprise, my regular winter essentials weren't doing it. Then again our winter's aren't normally 9 degrees. I've bought some lounge-wear, put it to the test... and found that sherpa and fleece lined items are doing the trick. In truth, the REAL title of this post should be "Lounge Essentials for when you're like OH **** I can't feel my face!".

If you hate the cold like me I suggest checking out my warm approved list below. A lot of items are on After Christmas Sales so you can get some really great deals too!! Plus that turtleneck below is too cute! 

Stay warm my friends :) And Happy New Year!!

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