Boho Grunge Outfit: Wool Hat & Buckled Boots

Oct 21, 2014

An essential of Fall fashion for me is to not only incorporate cold weather essentials into your outfits, but be relaxed. Have your scarf loose, cuff those pants a bit, and wear your hair all messy in a bun. It's an effortless look that's surprisingly chic. I think it's because Fall is a time of festivals, fairs and Oktoberfests, where it isn't necessary to get dressed up. When it comes to colors, I like to try for neutral, gray, black and fall jewel tones. Have any of you seen the Aubergine colors in clothing lately? It's gorgeous!

My favorite season has always been Fall, so I definitely didn't complain when I had to bring out my giant bin of scarves, hats and boots! Just so you know...most of the bin is full of boots. I'm a shoe fiend and I know it. I actually added some new Fall outerwear to my closet pretty recently. Both my boots (yes...more) and hat were impulse buys on a trip to the mall. They go together really well and I never even planned on it! Don't you love it when things just happen like that?

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