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Apr 15, 2015

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Hey guys! I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity of teaming up with StandFor shoes to provide my readers with an exclusive invite to their presale store. You get to shop the goods before they are up for sale throughout the world! 

These shoes are a little more costly than some might expect from this site, but I highly stand behind their essence. I’m all for brands that change the world, as well as our future, and am more than willing to share them if they enlighten others and spread the cause. StandFor shoes are all about representing actions. Creating true fashion statements with your style.

The brand is debuting with their Smokeless Collection, which focuses on the need for our world to quit smoking. Did you know that smoking is one of the largest causes of disease in the world? I myself just lost a good friend not even a month ago from lung cancer. The intention of StandFor shoes is to promote a reduction in smoke in all of our lives. Their shoes represent beliefs you support, and every collection in the future will focus on a different issue in today’s world. All of the shoes are made of high quality and durable materials, meaning they are made to last. My favorite part? They are completely animal friendly! 

Don't they also remind you of Clarks shoes? Maybe that's just me lol.
Check out the styles, shop around if you’d like, or just get the word out there. Fashion is starting to make a difference, and it’s pretty awesome.

Sporting the Smokeless Collection

Wishing you all a wonderful week! A new outfit post is coming up next!

xx Dayna
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My Lilly Pulitzer for Target Picks!

Apr 7, 2015

 Lilly Pulitzer has teamed up with Target, and the result is an amazing collaboration coming to select stores and the Target website on April 19th. The collection contains over 250 pieces of apparel, accessories, and home decor, ranging from $2 to $150 (with almost 200 items under $30). If you aren't familiar with Lilly Pulitzer, this is an amazing deal. Lilly Pulitzer dresses cost anywhere from $100-$200 each. For the first time plus sizes will be available as well for purchase. 

Target’s past designer collaborations have been known to have high quality materials and stitching. Because of this the clothing sells out very quickly…usually in a matter of hours! The fabrics feel expensive, and the styles are definitely something you wouldn’t expect to pay pennies for. The pieces I've bought in the past also hold up the test of time...I still get compliments on some collaboration pieces I bought up to three years ago.

A preview of the entire collection can be found here. I suggest checking out what you want so you can buy exactly what you want before it sells out! Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection that I want to buy.  The links for all of these items will be placed on this site immediately when the sale begins! Be sure to check back for it!

 Dress 1 // Dress 2 // Maxi Dress // Espadrilles // Bracelet // Tote Bag

I’m a big fan of Target collaborations and have been known to stay up all night the morning it’s revealed. Yes...I'm that pathetic sometimes! I personally like it because you can buy everything you want in one fell swoop while lounging at home in your pajamas. If you decide to stay up like me, I suggest you keep some caffeine near by. In the past, Target has slowly released new merchandise on it’s website over a series of three hours. You might be up until 3am waiting for that piece you really want! But trust me, it’s worth it! 

 (Photos via Target)

What pieces are you most excited about in the new Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration? 

xx Dayna
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