6 Crazy Rings Under $50

Aug 27, 2013

6 Crazy Rings Under $50!

I'm all about crazy rings right now, and it seems I'm not alone! I've been seeing them everywhere! It's a way to instantly update your look and make it unique. These stand-out pieces are sure to get some compliments!

Product Information: (In Clockwise Order):

1) House Of Harlow 1960 Stingray Embossed Leather Sunburst Ring -  Bloomingdales $45
2) Faceted Heart Ring  Forever21 $3.80
3) Glitterrings Ring, 14k Gold-Plated Spike Knuckle Ring -  Macy's $20
4) H&M Ring -  H&M $6.21
5) Blu Bijoux Red and Gold Flame Cocktail Ring -  Max & Chloe $12
6) American Rag Ring Set -  Macy's $14
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Eensy Weensy Haul: The Tote Bag I chose!

Aug 26, 2013

I said I'd tell you what bag I'd choose this year for college! It took me a while because I ended up hating my first pick, which was the Feed for Target bag. I decided that I needed a tote bag because I tote so much art supplies around with me! Luckily, when I went recently to Target for school supplies I found the perfect bag!

Here's everything I bought that day. I call it an eensy weensy haul because, well...compared to hauls I've seen on YouTube, this is nothing! But I got some fun stuff that I think is worth sharing with you!!

Item Information: (Prices only on the items I could find on the sites!) :

1) Aztec Woven Tote (Target $24.99)- Looks a lot more expensive than it is in my opinion. Beautiful colors and a fake leather handle. It seems to be very sturdy and easy to clean, which is a plus for me!
2) Fabric Covered Thumbtacks (Target)- They are too cute for words! & I got the last one!
3) CoverGirl Nail Polish (Target $4.94)-  I never walk around in pink nails unless it's Valentine's Day. This nail polish in Amethyst is the perfect fall color for me :)
4) Heart Post-Its (Staples)- I have a Post-It addiction like no other. I absolutely couldn't resist this one!
5)Washi Tape- Striped (Target), Pink (Wal-Mart)- Another addiction of mine. I like to put them on my school notebooks. They are a great way to add a unique touch to your things!
6) Nutella To Go- I'm a health nut, and this definitely isn't super healthy. But I heard it's delicious and I wanted to give it a try! Why not, right?
7)Mead Notebook- Target- Really small, cute and flexible. Being an art student, I don't take much notes. It's all about drawing. So, notebooks are barely needed.
8)Sharpie Pens- Target- My favorite pens in the world. Target was selling them individually! So I got an orange one and a purple one! It goes with my nail polish :) Hahaha

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On the Trend: Shades of Blue

Aug 24, 2013

Shades of Blue Trend

This is a pretty self explanatory Fall trend in my opinion. It's not only hot on the runway with designers like Prada and Valentino, but hot with celebrities as well! Just remember! The hottest color of all the blues right now is cobalt. So if you can't decide between the navy purse or the cobalt one...choose the cobalt!! :)

Item Information:
1) Sweater- Monki $60
2) Essie Nail Polish:
                          Colors: After School Boy Blazer $8
                                      Borrowed & Blue $8
                                     Essie Avenue Mountain $12
3)Quilted Stud Crossbody - Francesca's $26
4)Patterned Court Shoe - Zara $49.90
5)Bumble Bee Earrings - Simply Soles $32
6)Glitter Nails in Blue - Topshop $14

(Images: Great Expectations Special Edition, Lips )
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Lust vs. Must | Rag & Bone Harrow Waxed Suede Ankle Boot

Aug 22, 2013


Lust: Rag & Bone Harrow Waxed Suede Ankle Boot in Clay // Must: Fergalicious "Lucid" Ankle Boot

Today's Lust/Must is on a great Fall essential! Ankle boots! DSW is selling these babies for the lowest price. Other stores are selling them for $65-69 which is ridiculous. Shipping is also free with DSW for purchases over $35!
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The Best Oversized Sweaters Under $60!

Aug 21, 2013

With colder temps quickly approaching, we have to start getting prepared! I am personally in love with oversized sweaters, and can guarantee I'll be wearing them a lot this Fall. Why? They're so comfortable while making a fashion statement! You know those days when you feel lazy and just want to go out in a sweatshirt and messy bun? Well, it feels like you're having a sweatshirt day in one of these babies! You can always be comfortable and fashionable. Oversized sweaters are incredibly flattering when worn correctly. So...

How do I wear it?
Pair them with bottoms that are fitted. Nothing slouchy or baggy. Because the upper portion of your body has baggy clothing on it, your bottom portion should be fitted. Otherwise, your look will end up looking frumpy. And no one wants that! I'm personally all for the '90s Grunge look right now. Which is to pair them with fitted destroyed pants and combat boots.

Made the pics larger this time so you can see the amazing detail in some of these! I want the blue cheetah cardigan so badly! It reminds me of a skirt by Kenzo, which happens to be my "Lust of the Week!"
Marbled Sweater- Forever 21 $25

Cheetah Cardigan - NastyGal $58

Geometric Sweater - Urban Outfitters $59

Sporty Sweater - Forever 21 $19.80

Red Sweater- Boohoo $40



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How to Shop for Trends Frugally

Aug 20, 2013

With trends showing up practically overnight, it can be pretty stressful on your wallet to catch up. Especially when you're trying to be frugal! But it's honestly not worth stressing over. Trends are just current crazes. Nothing on a trend says that you need to buy it. Especially if you hate it! I skip certain trends all the time! It's your style. Dress how you want to. Not how the world wants you to. 

How to Shop for Trends Frugally:

1) Spend Less On Trends That Will Fade!
If you like a trend, but don't think it will last past the latest season, don't waste your money splurging on it! Focus on accessories that cost less but appear high quality. Target is one of my favorite places for items like this.

2) Spend More On Trends That Will Stick!
I think this one is pretty obvious. If you think a trend is really going to stay around for a while, say...ankle boots, spend a little more on them! Instead of buying cheap ankle boots over and over every Fall when they break, you can own a great pair that will end up lasting you those three years! You can get great expensive items for less at stores like TJMaxx or websites like Rue La La.

3) Just Because It's A Trend, It Doesn't Mean You Need It!
Companies want you to fall for impulse buys. If you see something in a store you can't put down, walk around with it for a while. Then, before you go in line, think to yourself, "Do I really need this? Or do I just want this?" I've done this a lot and by the time I get to the register I usually don't want the item anymore.

4) If You Really Want It, Wait!
This one might sound crazy, but if you really want something that's way out of your budget...give it a few months and keep your eye on it like a hawk. Eventually all items go on sale, and when yours does your wallet will be much more happy with the new price. I did this recently on an H&M top. I really wanted it in December but it was $30 for a t-shirt which seemed overpriced. I purchased it in May for $9! 

Have any other great tips? Share below! I'd love to hear!!

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Fall Denim Trends For Under $80

Aug 6, 2013

Fall Denim Trends For Under $80

COATED: 1) F21 Metallic Coated Skinny // 2) 1969 Coated Biker Legging Jeans // 3) Bullhead Denim Co Black Coated Jeans 

Colored Jeans: With Fall next month, we should focus on darker jewel toned colors in our jeans. Pastels and brights need to go back into the closet soon! Colored Jeans are great with almost everything, and they can be a great statement piece. I suggest a white oversized top and chic ankle boots.

Printed Jeans: They might not be dark, but as long as you don't wear bright patterns you will be fine for Fall. Focus on patterns with black or grey incorporated. They are cooler colors that can easily transition into the new season. 

Coated Jeans: Average denim that is "coated" with a gloss. It creates the look of leather without the costly price of the real deal. Leather is pretty big every Fall, so this is definitely worth checking out.

My favorite of the denim trends would definitely be colored jeans! Green skinnies are currently on my list of must buys! 
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Back to College : School Bags For Under $55!

Aug 5, 2013

Hey Frugalistas! College is around the corner! Are we ready? No way! 

At least, I'm not! I have to get a new tote bag. My trusty old one finally died on me. I loved that thing. So I've been checking out all the possibilities online, and these are my four favorites.

Back to College : Best School Bags under $50!

1) (EDIT) I loved this bag and actually went to see it at Target. It's NOTHING like the picture. I was pretty dissapointed and no longer suggest it.

2) I'm not a big backpack person because most of them look pretty kiddie. But this one is just freaking cute! It's solid with a mix of textures. Draws in the eye and looks mature! Also comes in SO many colors. Just try not to get them all!

3) Gorgeous and more sophisticated. Like how it could pass for a handbag. I wear so much green and blue that this would pretty much match my whole closet! 

4) Bea-u-ti-ful. I really do love this one. Perfect for those lazy mornings when you just want to wear jeans and a chambray shirt! I have a lot of those days...

No idea which one to choose yet...I'll update when I decide!

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THE LOOK FOR LESS: Quilted Just Cavalli Skirt

Aug 1, 2013

Quilted fabrics are hot now and I absolutely LOVE them! Definitely going to wear this trend until it dies.

One of these quilted skirts are $49 and the other is $730. Can you guess which is more expensive? When you've guessed, scroll over the image to see if you were correct!

Not so easy, is it? Images are linked to their retailers if you don't believe me!
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