2014 Day Planners That Will Inspire

Dec 28, 2013

With New Years quickly approaching and our wallets feeling a little empty from the holidays, I decided to post about something a little simpler today. Something that we are all probably in need of. Day Planners!

Whenever I see day planners they are usually the terrifying kind people buy last minute....the ones that are just black with an odd texture to the cover. My question is...why?! You can get such pretty ones for about the same price! Plus, it's something you'll be carrying all year round. Why not add a smile to your face when you pull it out of your bag?
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Here are the ones currently on my wishlist....I have no idea which one to buy yet.

They range from Kate Spade to Jonathan Adler.  But I'm definitely favoring the gold polka dots a little more. Maybe because it goes with my blog! Hmm? But they are some really quirky prints am I right? I wasn't lying when I said I was quirky guys....my blood probably consists of penguins in top hats riding gondolas. :)

Only some of the links on this website are affiliated with ShopSense, which compensates me for every click or purchase. However the choice in items as well as my opinions are 100% my own*
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Season's Greetings

Dec 25, 2013

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Affordable Colorblock Coats

Dec 22, 2013

Winter began yesterday, and with that in mind today's post is all about coats! Colorblock coats that is! You might not have even noticed, but this fashion trend is creeping up on us again. When I first discovered this I wasn't all too excited...but the new coat designs have really changed my mind. Instead of being bright and bold they are a lot more subdued, which is great for winter! 

With Post-Christmas sales already happening (I can't believe it either...) you can get these coats at pretty affordable prices too!

*NOTE*: Some of these items will sell out fast because of the holiday season. I recommend shopping in store if this is the case. For coats by Ruche, the retailer has a "notify on restock" button next to the sizes available. 

1) Members Only Homecoming Wool Coat // Urban Outfitters $169 - The colors and collar make this jacket too good to pass up. Great for walking around campus.

2) BB Dakota Isolde Hooded Coat // Ruche $79.99 - This jacket is not entirely colorblock, but it was too cute to not include! The faux fur and fair isle make it very cozy and down to earth. Like you just came inside from a snowfight with your boyfriend.

3) Sugarhill Pheobe Double Breasted Coat // Ruche $123.99 - For some reason this coat screams Audrey Hepburn to me. The bold buttons and a-line bottom makes it perfect for a date night or dinner party with the girls!

4) BB Dakota Collarless Coat // Nordstrom $58.98  (Also here for a higher price) - Very clean and sophisticated, this coat is perfect for wearing to work or any important events. I love how only the top button is black!!

Some of the links on this website are affiliated with ShopSense, which compensates me for every click. However the choice in items as well as my opinions are 100% my own*
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Party Heels Under $60

Dec 16, 2013

So today I was debating what to put on here for my blog and BAM! it came to me. Party heels.

You might be thinking "Who needs a pair of those? I'll only wear them once or twice". Hey! That's what I used to think! But then last minute I'd always get invited to some party. Leaving me frantically tearing my closet apart for something to put on my feet. 

So ladies, if you're debating getting party heels for the first, second, or even eighth time...I highly suggest you get them. Prevent yourself from future closet disasters and stress that is so not needed!! 

This is also the best time to find cute party shoes because New Years is around the corner. Have you guys tried looking for heels in the Spring or Fall? I did last year. You're lucky if you can even get a decent neutral pair!

 Retail Information:

1) Gold & Lucite Heels //  Lulus $35 - I think this is great for a New Years Eve out with the girls. It has just the right amount of sexy with the chunky lucite heel. Plus the gold to get you noticed!

2) Zigi Soho Chantel Pump // DSW $49.99 - These are refined which makes them great for an office party! The curves are also similar to D'Orsay flats and the black velvet makes them luxe.

3) Enzo Angiolini Persist Pump // DSW $59.99 - Two words. Ombre Sequins. Need I say more?

4) Street-Chic Faux Leather Pumps // Forever21 $29.80 - This is a pair that will pretty much go with everything, and give you a slightly rebellious look! Kinda like you came in with Adam Levine...

5) Sam & Libby Dominique Pointed Toe Pump // Target $39.99 - A two for one! You not only own metallic heels but faux snakeskin ones as well.

6) Embellished Heel Sandals // Asos $45.35 - That glitter strap can bring out even the best of pedicures!                                                      

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Quirky Gift Ideas!

Dec 9, 2013

Hey guys!

Need help finding that perfect gift for someone that has everything? I think we all know one of them. Well here's a trick I discovered that gets you there. Try going quirky. Yep....quirky!

And if there's someone who knows what quirky is all about, it's definitely me. I've never been one that was attracted to anything that falls under "the norm". I secretly bought a magnetic nose piercing for myself when I was 11 and my high school graduation shoes weren't the recommended "neutral"...but gold! So when it comes to what I'm giving to my friends and family this holiday season I'm no different. You can always expect the unexpected with me!

& Unique gifts are my all time favorite because not only are they fun, but they allow you to connect more with the person you're giving them to. For example, you can get a really cute mug for your friend, OR a Lisa Frank mug that reminds them of their childhood. The unique gift is the one they will remember. Keep that in mind guys! It's the best tip I can give!

So with that in mind....here are some great quirky gifts that they'll never expect!

( NOTE: Because of the crazy sales going on right now, some of the items below will sell out quickly. If that's the case you can wait for them to re-stock online or buy it in the store! )

Quirky Holiday Gift Ideas

1) Tea Cup Magnets, Paper Source $15.95 - Perfect for that co-worker who loves Alice in Wonderland! 

2) Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Cut Shadow Palette, Sephora $38 $25 - A great find for your friend who wears the most lust-worthy eye shadows. These highly pigmented shades will make her very happy!

3) Nerd Owl Mug by Lorrie Veasey, Amazon, $10.00 - For that relative with the humorous side and very nerdy tendencies!

4) Born Lippy Fruity Lip Lollipop Gift, Body Shop $20 $14.00 - For your roommate who's currently on the dating scene. Smoooch.

5) Tri-Stone Hook Bangle, C Wonder $38.00 - For your sister who loves the ombre trend and dressing like a million bucks. 

6) Sleeping Cat Calendar, ModCloth $11.99 $9.99 - For your father who loves to take cat naps and lay on the couch watching football. 

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Sparkly Holiday Accessories For Less!

Dec 3, 2013

Hey guys!

The fresh snow, gifts with big bows and cozy warm fireplaces. People yelling and fighting over the last pair of socks. You got it! The holidays are here!

Meaning one thing for fashion....that glitter is officially back!

Glitter and sequins might not seem like it...but they work for all ages during the holidays (when worn correctly)! Even if you're just rocking a glitter encrusted belt! So to ease your holiday wear worries, I've compiled some of my favorite sparkles, glitter and sequin items out right now for less.

Retail Information: Click links to go to their retailers!
(Note! #7 is available only to those in the UK, France, Denmark and Germany)

5)   Sweetness & Sparkle Heel, ModCloth $49.99  //  6) Touch of Glam Fingerless Gloves, Forever21 $11
7)  L'oreal Confetti Top Coat ....for those in the US try this !  //  8)  Dress, Lulu's $60

How To Wear It:

1) Less is MORE : If you wear too much glitter, you are going to look like you are ready to perform in a stadium than sit to dinner. So if you normally overdress, take off an extra piece of jewelry before you head out the door. And always stay far away from face and hair glitter. I can't express that enough! 

2) Keep It Chic : For a foolproof outfit, try this tip. Wear either one standout color with neutral accessories or play it safe and wear all neutrals. So... if you're wearing a red sequin dress, keep to a neutral bag, shoes, etc. Otherwise, stick to a mixture of silver, tan, gold and black in your outfit.

3) A Little Shy?  No worries! Nothing says you have to wear massive amounts of glitter. Keep your look simple by adding small amounts of sparkle to your outfit. Whether it be in your nail polish, eye shadow, earrings, a belt or even a small hair clip! 

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