Quirky Gift Ideas!

Dec 9, 2013

Hey guys!

Need help finding that perfect gift for someone that has everything? I think we all know one of them. Well here's a trick I discovered that gets you there. Try going quirky. Yep....quirky!

And if there's someone who knows what quirky is all about, it's definitely me. I've never been one that was attracted to anything that falls under "the norm". I secretly bought a magnetic nose piercing for myself when I was 11 and my high school graduation shoes weren't the recommended "neutral"...but gold! So when it comes to what I'm giving to my friends and family this holiday season I'm no different. You can always expect the unexpected with me!

& Unique gifts are my all time favorite because not only are they fun, but they allow you to connect more with the person you're giving them to. For example, you can get a really cute mug for your friend, OR a Lisa Frank mug that reminds them of their childhood. The unique gift is the one they will remember. Keep that in mind guys! It's the best tip I can give!

So with that in mind....here are some great quirky gifts that they'll never expect!

( NOTE: Because of the crazy sales going on right now, some of the items below will sell out quickly. If that's the case you can wait for them to re-stock online or buy it in the store! )

Quirky Holiday Gift Ideas

1) Tea Cup Magnets, Paper Source $15.95 - Perfect for that co-worker who loves Alice in Wonderland! 

2) Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Cut Shadow Palette, Sephora $38 $25 - A great find for your friend who wears the most lust-worthy eye shadows. These highly pigmented shades will make her very happy!

3) Nerd Owl Mug by Lorrie Veasey, Amazon, $10.00 - For that relative with the humorous side and very nerdy tendencies!

4) Born Lippy Fruity Lip Lollipop Gift, Body Shop $20 $14.00 - For your roommate who's currently on the dating scene. Smoooch.

5) Tri-Stone Hook Bangle, C Wonder $38.00 - For your sister who loves the ombre trend and dressing like a million bucks. 

6) Sleeping Cat Calendar, ModCloth $11.99 $9.99 - For your father who loves to take cat naps and lay on the couch watching football.