Sparkly Holiday Accessories For Less!

Dec 3, 2013

Hey guys!

The fresh snow, gifts with big bows and cozy warm fireplaces. People yelling and fighting over the last pair of socks. You got it! The holidays are here!

Meaning one thing for fashion....that glitter is officially back!

Glitter and sequins might not seem like it...but they work for all ages during the holidays (when worn correctly)! Even if you're just rocking a glitter encrusted belt! So to ease your holiday wear worries, I've compiled some of my favorite sparkles, glitter and sequin items out right now for less.

Retail Information: Click links to go to their retailers!
(Note! #7 is available only to those in the UK, France, Denmark and Germany)

5)   Sweetness & Sparkle Heel, ModCloth $49.99  //  6) Touch of Glam Fingerless Gloves, Forever21 $11
7)  L'oreal Confetti Top Coat ....for those in the US try this !  //  8)  Dress, Lulu's $60

How To Wear It:

1) Less is MORE : If you wear too much glitter, you are going to look like you are ready to perform in a stadium than sit to dinner. So if you normally overdress, take off an extra piece of jewelry before you head out the door. And always stay far away from face and hair glitter. I can't express that enough! 

2) Keep It Chic : For a foolproof outfit, try this tip. Wear either one standout color with neutral accessories or play it safe and wear all neutrals. So... if you're wearing a red sequin dress, keep to a neutral bag, shoes, etc. Otherwise, stick to a mixture of silver, tan, gold and black in your outfit.

3) A Little Shy?  No worries! Nothing says you have to wear massive amounts of glitter. Keep your look simple by adding small amounts of sparkle to your outfit. Whether it be in your nail polish, eye shadow, earrings, a belt or even a small hair clip!