Cat Gifts in Honor of #NationalCatDay

Oct 29, 2018

Hi guys!

Been a long time since I last posted but I promise it was for good reasons- in fact...I got married! Planning a wedding is much more stressful and time consuming than I ever thought and it definitely took away from my blog time. Nothing I will ever apologize for as it was well worth it. But I'm back! In fact.. I'm planning on making a "what to expect" post sometime in the future on weddings so if you're interested, sign up for e-mail updates so you know the second I post something new!

Because it's National Cat Day, and I'm a full time crazy cat lady- I had no choice but to make a post of awesome cat gifts! The holidays are creeping up and in all honesty...if you have someone on your list that loves cats, NOW is the time to search for their gift. NOT later. If the internet proves one thing it's that there are a lot of cat lovers out there. So the closer you get to the holiday season, the harder it is to find anything cat related in stock.

And most importantly- if you want something below feel no guilt! I'm in the same boat. If you love cats you can't resist the temptation. Trust me, I'm so with you!

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Happy National Cat Day Lovelies ;)

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