My name is Dayna...pronounced "Day-na". A lot of people pronounce it wrong but I'm pretty used to it at this point. I have a degree in Interior Design, and work with furniture during the day for commercial spaces. I live in the USA but my heart truly lives in London, probably because I'm part British! I love animals and would love to own a ranch someday with tons of them. I get made fun of by barista's daily for ordering my morning black coffee with milk...but that's all I really like.  I'm very artistic but oddly don't draw very much. I have a love for traveling and exploring other cultures. Oh, I'm also a big goofball in case you haven't figured that out yet. Half of my outfit pictures are silly blooper ones that I do not post for obvious reasons.


I grew up in an area where women to this day wear heels to the supermarket....so from a young age fashion became a big part of my life. However, being a high school student with parents who solely wanted me using my babysitting money, it was hard to catch up and fit in with the kids with $100 jeans. Over time I learned the tips and tricks to affording even big brand items! The best times for sales, the best stores to shop at, you name it. I don't gatekeep it either, if you ask me I'm proud of my finds! When I'm asked if I'm wearing a certain designer, I'll go "Yes. But I got it for 50% off!"

I came to the decision one summer to make this blog, share my knowledge, and pass on the idea that fashion doesn't need to be expensive. To help those out there who believe and understand you can be in style without having to break the bank. It's my fun side hobby, and I have a lot of fun with it. 

I hope you like my blog! If not, thanks for checking it out! It means a lot to me!