New Years Eve Outfits That Don't Suck!

Dec 26, 2015

When it comes to New Years Eve, I'm always so sick of the usual dresses out there. Yes, we all want sequin dresses...because it's New Years! But like Mean Girls and Halloween (sorry to even go there), New Years Eve is when we want to show some skin! Tight clothing and low cuts is what this night is all about!

Below are some of my favorite rompers and dresses that do just that. I've always put coordinating shoes in case you get stuck on what to pair with everything! A lot of stores are currently having end of the year sales, so be sure to use the discount codes I've listed at the very bottom of this post!!

Recommended Deals: (Some Exclusions Apply)
-Asos: 10% Off $125: Code RMNDEC15 
-Missguided: 30% Off Skirts: Code SKIRT30
-Boohoo: Extra 30% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping On Orders $50+ : Code PLUS30
- Forever 21: 10% Off Sitewide: Code 10ZSNWK
-Lulus: Free Shipping on Orders $50+

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year! Are you going out, or staying in? Both are tons of fun!!

xx Dayna
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Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Nov 26, 2015

In Clockwise Order:
5) Smiles Purr Hour Earrings  - $12.99 // 6) Tuk Up Your Alley Cat Flat in Mint - $59.99

Happy Black Friday everyone! (Well almost!) 

In my opinion, this is the best day to purchase just about anything. Most of my Christmas shopping is held off until today just for this reason. I end up keeping a lot of my money in my wallet, all while purchasing awesome gifts. Who doesn't want that?

Blogs are filled with gift guides galore, but I find that none of them really pertain to quirky interests. Like cats!! Cat videos are some of the top watched videos on YouTube. So why aren't there more cat lover gift guides? Who knows! Just know I've got you covered!

P.S. -- The slideshow below will show you the current prices at each retailer. Even if it's on SALE

Happy Shopping!! 

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Gift Guide for the Bohemian

In Clockwise Order:

4) Hopes and Dreamcatchers DIY Kit • $24.99  // 5) Muk Luks Women's Amira Serpae Slouch Boot
7)Wish Star Catch-All Dish

Bohemian style is free-flowing, natural and trend-breaking. But finding gifts for a Bohemian can be tricky. Why not get a gift guide straight from the source? As a fellow lover of bohemian style, I've picked all of my personal favorites and compiled them in this awesome gift guide! No need to worry about searching for the perfect gift this year. Spend more time chilling out this weekend instead! And psst...with each item under $32, you could get yourself a little something too...

P.S -- The slideshow below will show you the current prices at each retailer. Even if it's on SALE!
Happy Shopping!!
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One-of-a-kind Fall Boots under $50!

Oct 11, 2015

I'm baaaack! Moving definitely takes a lot more out of you than I ever imagined. What a crazy month it's been! Thanks to all my followers for hanging in with me while I've been away for so long!

Fall is finally here and it's my favorite season of all. I think it's because it's so one of a kind. But when it comes to boots at reasonable prices, they all look alike. There's nothing that I hate more than looking like the five people next to me in line at the coffee shop. What's the fun in that? If there's one statement I've always stood by 100%, it's to be yourself and not what others perceive you to be. So today's post is about some really affordable boots I've found that are unique, bold or trend-setting. Definitely not within the norm. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!
Pair #1 : These boots are rebellious and look like you're about to hitch a ride with some hot motorcyclist and ride off into the sunset. I also love the contrast that the gold hardware has against the faux black leather. Super chic!

Pair #2 : High platform boots haven't really made it across from the UK to the US yet. They look like Jeffrey Campbell's and have an amazingly unique snake-skin texture to the material.

Pair #3 : These Michael Antonio booties look really chic and ahead of the trend. They remind me of something you'd see on Alexa Chung during New York Fashion Week. Plus, that zipper is an amazing detail!

Pair #4 : These shoes are what you'd get if you crossed combat boots with platforms. They are sexy, stunning and look extra cozy with the faux sherpa along the collar. The soles also look like they'd have a great grip on wet surfaces.

Pair #5 : We've all heard the song..but how many times have you actually seen blue suede shoes? Enough said :)

Wishing you all a wonderful upcoming week! My next post will be an outfit one so make sure to check back!

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Powder Blue Denim Shift Dress

Sep 7, 2015

With Fall around the corner, I've begun updating my outfits in preparation of the colder nights. For this outfit I paired a denim shift dress with a white chiffon button-up. The sheer top can be used later in the day to keep me warm.  I decided to pair the whole ensemble with my favorite dalmatian print loafers and a chunky white watch.
One of my favorite ways to bring additional layers into an outfit is with a denim or faux leather jacket. Both of them go with everything from a grunge tee and ripped jeans to a gorgeous sundress. In fact, I bring a denim coat with me to work almost every day. You never know when you'll need it!
Dress- Old Navy // Chiffon Top - Lulu's (Similar) // Watch - Oceanaut // Shoes- H&M 

My makeup was minimal, with just a slight smokey eye.  For my hair, I braided a headband and pulled it into a low chignon. Am I the only one who absolutely loves low buns? 

In other news... my boyfriend and I got a new place together! We're so excited to have our own place and feel like adults. I think I'm more excited about being there for Halloween actually. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and ever since I was little I've wanted to decorate my own place with spooky paper bats and stuff. Maybe I'll post some pics for you guys on Instagram!

Get The Look:

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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Decorative Hair Chains:
Unleash Your Inner Boho Goddess

Aug 15, 2015

(Clockwise) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
At one time or another, most of us have wanted to rock an ethereal festival look while paying next to nothing. Instead, we are faced with the fact that the crochet dress we've fallen in love with at the mall is a pricey $300 and is all of the matching boho jewelry to go with it. Thankfully those days are over! Decorative hair chains are quickly showing up in stores all over the U.S; making this look now easily within reach. 

What I love about this look is that it's feminine, romantic, and rebellious all in one. Not to mention that they work just as well in a professional setting as they would at Coachella. Anthropologie has introduced some of the most empyreal of the bunch. Perfect for a set of bridesmaids in a rustic wedding.
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Summer Maxi Dress

Jul 21, 2015

Dress: Forever21 (Similar) // Necklace: Forever 21  
Shoes: Carmen Marc Valvo (Got for only $9 at TJMaxx!)

I can't help but laugh at that last picture...but Adam insists I put it in here. Today I'm sharing with you an outfit post featuring my new (and first) maxi dress. Yes, I know that's pretty sad. This dress was an amazing find I had during a day of outlet shopping. It was really rainy so there wasn't much else to do but stay inside. When I found the dress I was pretty sure it would fail me once I tried it on. I've never been able to buy a maxi dress. They are always too long for me...and I'm not into falling on my face in the name of fashion! I tried it on a whim, pretty much expecting it to fail, but it turned out to be the perfect length!

Because this dress is so natural with it's cotton embroidery and long length, I decided to create a beach look for this outfit. Messy waves, delicate jewelry, neutral makeup and natural wedges helped create this. The real trick to this look is to not think too much about it. Less is better in this situation. Especially when it comes to jewelry! However, if you want to make this outfit a little bolder, I highly suggest going for edgy wedges instead!

Before I go...let me stress the importance of searching your local TJMaxx sale section. The wedges I'm wearing in these photos (can't see them really) were marked down to only $9 on the shelf. They were Carmen Marc Valvo! Their retail price is $195. Score!!

Get The Look!
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Jul 18, 2015

So it's that time of year again...when many of us freak out over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you like name brands but don't want to pay the ridiculous prices for them, this is the sale for you to check out. The sale lasts ends this Monday, and you can get up to 70% off top brands. To help you in your shopping decisions, I've put together some of my favorite picks from the sale.

A new outfit post will be up tomorrow, so make sure to check back for it! Enjoy shopping!

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How I Fixed My Hormonal Acne

Jun 14, 2015

A bit of a different post today, but I think this is definitely worth sharing. If your skin is anything like mine, you understand how much time and effort is put into trying to get rid of your acne for good. I was blessed with rather acne-free skin until I became an adult. While all my friends and co-workers skin cleared up, mine just got fact...I ended up with a mixture of both normal acne and hormonally induced cystic acne.

I first went through every acne regimen I could find on the shelves of my local store. When that failed, I turned to dermatologists. After going through multiple prescriptions and being told I was out of options, I felt that I'd be stuck with my hormonal acne forever. 

But thankfully, a few years later I stumbled upon a regimen that worked for me. Thanks to it, I've had clear skin for two months straight and counting! I've decided to share it with you in hopes that I can help those at their wits end with their acne. I can't tell you what in this regimen makes it work so well...but I really think it has something to do with the charcoal in the Biore products and Sulfur in the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Charcoal is known for it's ability to draw out impurities from the pores, and sulfur is known to have mild antibiotic properties that work great for acne sufferers.

Oh, and before you guys look back at old posts and say I'm a liar, let me tell you that I worked my outfit posts around my acne, and when it would be its clearest. Plus, a lot of photo apps are made with blemish removers!

Morning Regimen:

1) Wash face ONLY with the Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar.
2) After washing face, apply Alba Botanica's Even Advanced Facial Toner onto a cotton ball and rub thoroughly onto skin. The toner removes any extra dirt that was left behind after cleansing. You'll be able to see how much dirt was actually still on your face...and it's really gross!
3) Apply makeup that is only Non-Comedegenic. Some of my favorite brands are Neutrogena and Bare Minerals.

Night Regimen:

1) Wash face ONLY with the Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar.
2) After washing face, apply Alba Botanica's Even Advanced Facial Toner onto a cotton ball and rub thoroughly onto skin. 
3) Apply a nickel size amount of Equate Repairing Lotion onto face.
4) Using a Q-Tip, apply Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion onto any acne that is beginning to form. I place it on even some of the smallest bumps. You can easily tell where small ones are just by quickly feeling your face with your fingers.

Once A Week:

Use Biore's Charcoal Pore Strips on any areas of the face that you tend to break out or sweat a lot. I do both my chin and my nose. Charcoal has the ability to draw out impurities from your pores, which is very important!

Product Information:

If you give this regimen a shot, please let me know how it works for you!

Wishing you all a wonderful week! A new outfit post is coming up next :)

xx Dayna

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Tribal Romper + Nude Mules // Tattify Giveaway (Extended!)

May 17, 2015

Before I get started....let me make a quick announcement.....

So Fashionably Frugal is 2 Years Old!

It went by so fast and I can't help but thank all of my readers for making my blog what it is today. Your support means the world to me. Plus, you're all so friendly! I've made some great friends through this blog, and hope to make many more!

Thanks to the blog becoming one year older, an awesome company named Tattify has provided me with $30 worth of their temporary tattoos to giveaway to one lucky reader! If you don't know about Tattify...then are missing out! Unlike the old temporary tattoos we wore when we were kids, Tattify tattoos look entirely real and have beautiful boho and contemporary designs. They have their own line of the ever popular flash tattoos, which is massively trending amongst Coachella goers, and even include services to create your very own personal temporary tattoo. My boyfriend is using this service to try and figure out what real tattoo he wants for the future. The process is really easy--you send an image of the tattoo you want, they make it into a temporary tattoo, and you can then wear it around and see if you're willing to wear it for life!

But before we get to that awesome-sauce giveaway...I want to share with all of you a brand new outfit I wore out and about recently (with one of my own Tattify tattoos).

(THE GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN EXTENDED. I didn't realize it was broken until someone told me!)

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What's Trending: StandFor Shoes

Apr 15, 2015

The following post may contain affiliate links. 
For more information on affiliate links, click Disclosure at the very bottom of the page.
Hey guys! I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity of teaming up with StandFor shoes to provide my readers with an exclusive invite to their presale store. You get to shop the goods before they are up for sale throughout the world! 

These shoes are a little more costly than some might expect from this site, but I highly stand behind their essence. I’m all for brands that change the world, as well as our future, and am more than willing to share them if they enlighten others and spread the cause. StandFor shoes are all about representing actions. Creating true fashion statements with your style.

The brand is debuting with their Smokeless Collection, which focuses on the need for our world to quit smoking. Did you know that smoking is one of the largest causes of disease in the world? I myself just lost a good friend not even a month ago from lung cancer. The intention of StandFor shoes is to promote a reduction in smoke in all of our lives. Their shoes represent beliefs you support, and every collection in the future will focus on a different issue in today’s world. All of the shoes are made of high quality and durable materials, meaning they are made to last. My favorite part? They are completely animal friendly! 

Don't they also remind you of Clarks shoes? Maybe that's just me lol.
Check out the styles, shop around if you’d like, or just get the word out there. Fashion is starting to make a difference, and it’s pretty awesome.

Sporting the Smokeless Collection

Wishing you all a wonderful week! A new outfit post is coming up next!

xx Dayna
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