2014 Day Planners That Will Inspire

Dec 28, 2013

With New Years quickly approaching and our wallets feeling a little empty from the holidays, I decided to post about something a little simpler today. Something that we are all probably in need of. Day Planners!

Whenever I see day planners they are usually the terrifying kind people buy last minute....the ones that are just black with an odd texture to the cover. My question is...why?! You can get such pretty ones for about the same price! Plus, it's something you'll be carrying all year round. Why not add a smile to your face when you pull it out of your bag?
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Here are the ones currently on my wishlist....I have no idea which one to buy yet.

They range from Kate Spade to Jonathan Adler.  But I'm definitely favoring the gold polka dots a little more. Maybe because it goes with my blog! Hmm? But they are some really quirky prints am I right? I wasn't lying when I said I was quirky guys....my blood probably consists of penguins in top hats riding gondolas. :)

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