Fall Denim Trends For Under $80

Aug 6, 2013

Fall Denim Trends For Under $80

COATED: 1) F21 Metallic Coated Skinny // 2) 1969 Coated Biker Legging Jeans // 3) Bullhead Denim Co Black Coated Jeans 

Colored Jeans: With Fall next month, we should focus on darker jewel toned colors in our jeans. Pastels and brights need to go back into the closet soon! Colored Jeans are great with almost everything, and they can be a great statement piece. I suggest a white oversized top and chic ankle boots.

Printed Jeans: They might not be dark, but as long as you don't wear bright patterns you will be fine for Fall. Focus on patterns with black or grey incorporated. They are cooler colors that can easily transition into the new season. 

Coated Jeans: Average denim that is "coated" with a gloss. It creates the look of leather without the costly price of the real deal. Leather is pretty big every Fall, so this is definitely worth checking out.

My favorite of the denim trends would definitely be colored jeans! Green skinnies are currently on my list of must buys!