How to Plan Stylishly Casual Outfits

Feb 15, 2016

TOP: Victoria's Secret / / SCARF: Victoria's Secret (Was a gift w/purchase)
LEGGINGS: Victoria's Secret Pink / / BOOTS: Bucco Heyman (On Sale for $30 instead of 120!)

Because the wind chill is about -10 degrees outside, I decided to do a post today on how to style comfortable outfits! Stylishly comfortable outfits are great when you're traveling and don't want to appear like you've just rolled out of bed. Whenever I plan a casual outfit, I make sure to always stick to to the following rules. With this small guide I can ensure that your travel or campus outfits will always be on point!

1) THE SILHOUETTE - Always, always, always pay attention to the silhouette of your outfit. If you have something baggy or oversized on one half of your body (like I did here with my sweater), make sure the other half of your body is tight fitted. In this case I used a simple, cozy pair of leggings. This technique keeps your outfit from appearing ill fitted and creates a great slimming effect.

2) ACCESSORIZE - In school I was known for wearing chandelier earrings with my sweatshirts...and that's because it looks freaking awesome! Because comfortable clothing can appear dull or boring on it's own, adding a few accessories here and there make it a lot more fun without putting a ton of effort into your outfit. In the colder months I focus on wearing a lot of scarves, and once it gets warmer I lean toward chunky statement necklaces. No matter what the weather, make sure you to pair some unique shoes with everything in the end, like my knee highs here from Bucco. The buckle detail reminds me of Darryl from The Walking Dead!!

That's it! I wish you guys well on your future cozy outfits! Tag me yours in Instagram, I'd love to see them!

By the way, for all you fashion bloggers out there....a huge thumbs up to you guys for standing outside in dresses during this freezing weather. I thought one of my limbs was going to break off with just a sweater! I couldn't use the close-ups because my nose turned bright red...haha :P

xx Dayna