Dress Fall Casual With What's Already In Your Closet!

Nov 1, 2013

It's comfy, it's casual, and it's fashionable?!

Fall casual looks are on trend right now and I'm definitely not complaining. I'll happily wear comfy boots and scarves to college class over heels and skirts (yes, I've done it). But it isn't easy for everyone--I've seen plenty of women accidentally ruin this look. And oh man it kills me to see it! This trend requires laziness...not over thinking. The kind I had in elementary school when I would sneak on the bus with different colored socks. Shh...don't tell....

So..here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you nail this trend!

1) Start With Four Basics
-A Pair of Jeans
-A Long Sleeve Tee
-A Casual Piece of Outerwear (oversized sweaters work too!)

 2) Add Comfy Elements - Anything comfy will do. Just make sure that the colors all go with one another! Some of my favorites are knee high socks, infinity scarves, mittens, & snow hats.

3) Jewels are Optional- If you want to make your casual look a little more glamorous, add minimal amounts of jewelry. Midi-rings, a pendant necklace, etc. Otherwise, you can skip it.

 4) Carry Around A Hot Drink - This is just my personal weirdness. But everything just feels cozier with hot mugs of apple cider or coffee. Try it out!