Lust/Must: Vineet Bahl Embellished Peplum Top

Nov 22, 2013

Hey guys! I hope you like the new look! I spent a lot of time working on it!

Retail Information: 

If you have the time to check out this blog you're probably trying to relax. I know I do it. So why should you search for great steals vs. deals? Who wants to do that?

To help you out, I've cut out that part for you. While doing some late online browsing I came across this great lust vs. must and I had to share it! I know it isn't easy to find them!

The lust in this post is a Vineet Bahl peplum top. The picture doesn't do it's got beautiful embellishments. But I definitely don't have that much money to just throw around. Plus, can you imagine if you stained that? I think I'd cry!

Thankfully, H&M has a very similar version of this top. One that's budget friendly, especially around the holidays!

I think it's pretty perfect for New Years, or any holiday party right now. This is when we seem to bring on the sparkles!!

Btw a very sparkly post is coming sometime in the future......shhh thats just between me and you.