Last Minute Gift Picks for Her- All on Amazon Prime!

Dec 19, 2021

If you're still looking for a Christmas gift, Elephant Gift, or stocking stuffer? I'm here to help! I put together some really unique items still in stock that are available on Amazon Prime. So you can get them before Christmas!       

Here's a little breakdown of each item
in the photo: 

-Initial Necklace: Not only are they personalized, but these necklaces are really trending right now. You can't go wrong with this one, it has really high reviews! Also works great as a stocking stuffer!
-Slippers: No one can have enough slippers in my opinion! These are super soft, fuzzy and come in so many colors!
-Mini Waffle Maker: Fun for an elephant gift, or someone who has everything. Amazon also has ones that make snowflake shaped waffles which I'll link below. These can make a variety of recipes other than the original waffle, and each includes a mini recipe book. Keep in mind, these are very small-not the size of a normal waffle maker!
-Eyeshadow Palette: These are on a few gift lists I've seen and I think it's because they are so unique! The colors are also very pigmented which is a great plus for the price!
-Mirrored Alarm Clock: Pretty good chance whoever you're shopping for doesn't have one of these!
-Drink Glasses: So trendy, and look amazing for coffee or cocktail drink lovers who share their drinks on social media!

Happy Shopping!