Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Sweaters under $50

Jul 17, 2021

It might not seem like it, but cooler weather is around the corner, so why not shop early from the Nordstrom Sale and get some great sweaters?! 

Nordstrom Cardmembers have access to the sale early and are buying things left to right, but as of this posting these are all still in stock, so hurry! A few come in multiple colors too, so if you don't like the color check out if there are other options! These are my personal top picks, and I love that some of them are sets. You'd pay so much more for a cute set like this elsewhere, and you can get both for under $32 which is a great deal!

A reminder that you too can shop the sale early if you have a card, and if you don't you can sign up for one on their website. But be sure signing up is right for you first! I will be covering the sale throughout the public access, so if it's not the right choice for you don't worry! I've got you covered :)