Biker Shorts for the Casual Outfit

May 15, 2021

Warmer weather is around the corner, so if you haven't gotten on the bike short trend and love leggings, now is the time!!

For casual spring and summer outfits, you can never go wrong with a basic black pair in your wardrobe. It will pair well with so many more items in your closet than a patterned pair, which leads to a lot more outfit options and helps you save money. The same goes with basic neutral colors. I prefer the ones with an added ribbed texture- they probably look more unique because they are harder to find!

Some brands have started incorporating a cross-waist in their styles which gives your waist a snatched look, so those are always worth checking out too. Again, they are not everywhere right now- my favorites are at Aerie or Abercrombie at the moment. 

Last but not least, I think it's always worth having a fun patterned pair on hand to go with edgy graphic tees. Pairing the colors of the graphic tee with say, the cheetah print in the short will make the outfit really pop, and you can dress it up with gold necklaces and a nice pair of sneaks.