TJMaxx Wedges + Heels Over 50% Off!

Oct 19, 2020


TJ Maxx is having an awesome sale on open wedges and heels, so now is the time to stock up for next spring and summer. I make it a point to shop for shoes a few seasons behind because that's when you get the best deals, and you can get a few for the normal price of one. This is also why I probably have too many shoes but hey at least I admit it. 

Here are some of my favorites!

For those who were asking where I went- I appreciate all of you reaching out! I took a little break from my blog for a bit. Enjoyed life and not worrying about what my next post was going to be, especially given how crazy 2020 is. If you're a blogger too I think you know where I'm coming from. But I'm happy to say that I'm back!