White Summer Dresses Under $60

May 29, 2021

Whether you're planning on going to the beach, a resort or prepping as a bride-to-be for your shower, there are many options for white dresses right now. I already did the work of going through tons of sites,and these are my current favorites. 

Why? I found that they were unique and stood out more because of their details; whether it be beautiful fabrics, unique textures, or a mixture of fabrics. There's also a bow on the back of the one dress that is SO classy! 

All of these options would look great with a straw hat and sunglasses if you're outside! For some of the more billowy dresses, you can also wear them with a belt to create a more hourglass shape, which I recommend. 

White dresses are pretty big in the US right now with the summer months around the corner, so if you want to buy one do not sleep on it! One of the dresses I had my eye on sold out so fast while I was thinking about it. I'd hate for that to happen to someone else! Also, some of the sites I linked products from have free shipping so keep an eye out for those!
Other Dresses I Recommend: