Music Festival Style: Floral Kimonos

Apr 5, 2014

1) Fashion Union - $38.49 2) H&M - $24.95 3) Tilly's - $32.99

With Coachella coming up next week, festival styles are back! I don't know about you guys...but I personally look forward to these styles all year round. The laid back indie look is perfect for warm weather and it goes so well with the grunge look! My festival favorite this year has been the floral kimono. What I like about them is that they are not only on trend, but can be worn from Spring all the way through Summer. The flowy, sheer materials can either keep your shoulders from getting too cold, or provide a nice breeze to your body when it's hot out. So it's pretty versatile!


  •  Keep It Simple - The indie style is very laid back, so you want to make sure you wear your kimono with something simple like a black tank top or v-neck.

  •  Fitted Is Best - Kimono's are big and flowy, so the last thing you want to pair them with is a maxi skirt. Too much bulk! Instead, wear them with form fitting jeans, pants, or shorts. A form fitting dress works too!

  •  Choose Boots, Heels or Sandals - They all work, and they all bring something different to your outfit.

  •  Accessories- Long pendant necklaces look great with kimono's but if you don't want to wear any jewels don't worry about it. Same goes for belts. For bags, think clutches or over the shoulder styles.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

xx Dayna

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