My Very First #ootd Post! East to West

Mar 31, 2014

Sweater: TJMaxx (similar)  //  Tank: Forever21 stores only (similar)
Pants: TJMaxx (similar)  //  Boots: GILT (similar)
Necklace: Topshop old (similar , similar)

After several readers requested that I show some outfit posts, I recruited my boyfriend for photos and whaala, here it is! I hope you guys like!

I honestly wish some of you could have seen me try to pose though...freaking hilarious. I'm a big goofball so posing seriously was nearly impossible. That's why we have one photo today. x)

This was the first time I wore this tank top from Forever21. It was around $13 and I honestly couldn't leave it on the rack. It fits wonderfully and the graphic on it is low enough for it to work with a statement necklace (which we know I'm all for)! The other items in my outfit were from places like TJMaxx and Gilt so they probably aren't available anymore. But no worries! I've listed some similar styles if you're in love with something.

While I'm here, have any of you seen this new earring back trend going around? So rebellious and chic! I am dying to find some! Here's a really expensive example. 

xx Dayna

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