Wrapping Up Winter: Colorfully!

Jan 10, 2014

Today is about all about graphic prints...on scarves that is! They're my current fashion crush...all the bold colors and unique prints seem really ahead of trend. They also remind me a bit of Kate Spade? Plus, scarves are a great affordable way to update your wardrobe...especially when you need to save up for next semesters textbooks. Bleh.

1) J.Crew, $59.50 ( + 40% Off Online w/ TAKENOTE ) // 2) Forever 21, $9.80
[Center Image] -Free People, $58

I actually got a graphic scarf from UO as a Christmas present and I love it to death. On my lazy days I wear an oversized cardigan, leggings and some flats and that scarf makes everything come together. Honestly guys, this is one of the best comfy outfits I can recommend to you. Try it out sometime! I swear you don't look like you actually took 2 minutes to get dressed.

I'm curious now..what are some of your favorite cozy outfits?? Let's share!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

*NOTE* ( By the way I'm pretty mad that the J.Crew scarf just sold out. What?! They might restock online, but you might want to check out your local store. If not, J.Crew has this scarf too for just a few bucks more! Same discount applies for a limited time. )

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