Make A Statement // Necklaces That Will Wow!

Jan 19, 2014

Hey guys! Hope you like the new look! I'm trying to get my blog to look a little more put together.

Someone told me this week that they gave up on fashion because it was "painful". Not true! Yes, fashion to some people includes painful heels and pants so tight you want to faint. But to me fashion is all about personal style. Wearing what you want while being comfortable is super sexy! We've all seen the woman trying to walk around in 'way too high' heels and falling all over the place. Is that truly fashionable? I'd rather see her confidently working a pair of flats!!

A great comfortable and fashionable item anyone can wear is a statement necklace. Which is why today's post features them! Have you seen some of them lately? I am loving them! The bold colors, chunky gemstones and sparkle! Can it get any better? Of course! The prices can! (Plus, you can never have enough sparkle!)

I remember attempting to buy these years ago and feeling my eyes bug out at the prices in the stores. Getting a decent looking statement necklace was really hard!! The best ones I could find would be at JCrew or Nordstrom. So I'd have to wait for sale. But thanks to sites like Bauble Bar we can buy them NOW and still pay the rent! Check out some of my favorites and see for yourself!

Oh and before I go, thank you soooo much to all of my new followers on BlogLovin and Twitter! It means a lot to me!& Remember! Be yourself, and you'll always be in style :)

xo Dayna

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