Monday, June 24, 2013

ON THE TREND: Art-Inspired Fashion (under $50!)

Art-Inspired & Under $50
 (1) CLUTCH: FOSSIL $42 / (2) SUNGLASSES: ASOS $17 / (3) TOP: TOPSHOP $15 
 (4) SNEAKERS: KEDS $25 / (5) HEELS: BOUTIQUE 9  $50 

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I went to a fair with my boyfriend Adam on Saturday and, I must confess, I went a little crazy on the raffles. Raffles are probably the best parts of those things (other than the junk food). Honestly, if I can win items like $200 Coach bags for the cost of one ticket I'm a happy camper! There was a basket in particular with beach related items....(tote bag, sunglasses, hat, ...) that a lot of women were oogling over. The stuff looked pretty pricey I must admit...but what they didn't know that I DID was that it was all from Wal-Mart. That made me a little happy because that basket was the whole point of my site: to trick people into thinking you have expensive items when you don't. And obviously, it works ;)! 

The Art-Inspired Trend is one I believe will be big all the way through Fall. A lot of fashion bloggers seem to be focusing on comic and abstract prints. I'm all for both. 


  • If you want to be safe, stick to one art-inspired trend at a time. Otherwise, it can be difficult to pull off.
  • Wear neutral colors to enhance your print as a "statement piece" for your outfit.
  • Want to stand out? Pull colors for your outfit from your Art-Inspired piece. It will coordinate very well and look amazing.

Need help on how to style this look? Check out some of my pins on Pinterest!

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