JUNE 2013: My Favorites!

Jun 27, 2013

I've been a bit stressed this week...so I decided to do a random post to lighten my mood. Just throw out the towel for today and make a post about what I'm crazy about this month!

My June Favorite's

1) The donut pool float by Urban Outfitters is the best summer item I think I've seen this year. I'm serious. Now I just need a pool.

2) In case you haven't noticed yet...I love versatile clothing, because it saves you money in the long run! High Denim Shorts as well as Keds Champion Sneakers can both be dressed up or down. So of course, I've been running around in them a lot!

3) The Clinique "Cool Pool" set is a great deal for makeup junkies like me. Especially when you have super sensitive skin.

4) Sunglasses...pretty much any right now. The styles are amazing this year and I'm in love!

5) Ice Cream & Iced Tea. Personally, Summer is not Summer for me without these two.

6) The website www.cat-bounce.com. A stress reliever that's just hilarious! Seriously, check it out.