How To Dress For The Holidays

Dec 7, 2014

With the Holidays rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about what to wear to those office, family and New Years parties. It's kind of hectic to think about though, since we're all running around like our heads are cut off. I practically got run over in a parking lot the other day! So I created a guide for you to help this month run a little smoother. How to dress for the Holidays for every occasion. All you gotta do is sit back and read :) Doesn't that sound relaxing already?

The Rules:

1) Type of Event? - I've mentioned this before because it's very important...think about what kind of event you will be attending. Are you dressing casual? Casually dressy? Formal? Take some time to think about this! You don't want to end up wearing a sweater to a formal occasion. 

2) Black & White Base - Don't get me wrong, you can wear any color you want. But one of the most fool-proof ways to dress for the holidays is to start off with a black and white, all black, or all white outfit. When you do this, you can add as many accessories as you seem fit, in as many colors as you like, and they won't be likely to clash with one another. Easy peasy!

3) Add Sparkle - The Holidays scream for some kind of sparkle in your outfit. It's a festive look that works for everyone. If you want to be bold, go for one to two sequin statement pieces in your outfit; like a dress, clutch, or  heels! Otherwise, you can just pile on the white, silver and gold sparkly jewelry.  Just try to stick to a three glitter accessory maximum. Any more and you'll wander into professional ice skater territory. 

Outfit Ideas:

 Top // Skirt // Earrings // Heels // Tree

(Top & Skirt are on Sale for a limited time!)

This look is perfect for casual to casually dressy events, especially for work. The mix of snow leopard print with the bejeweled top and luxe earrings create a really unique look. 

This outfit is perfect for New Years Eve parties at the club or bar. The jewel accents really bring out the glitter of the dress, creating a super sexy look to catch some eyes from across the room. Plus you're whole body will sparkle, which is awesome!

Wishing you all a wonderful week! Hope I helped some of you plan out your Holiday outfits!

What are you looking forward to this Holiday season? Other than seeing my family and friends, I'm really excited about the new seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Hey, a girl needs her coffee fix! It sure makes my day a little better :)