Aubergine Fall Fashion

Nov 2, 2014

Aubergine is a key color for Fall that evokes a royal sophistication. The color can be found in many Fall/Winter collections, including one of my favorite designers, Dolce & Gabbana. Aubergine has always reminded me of some of my favorite elements of the holiday season. The hot brewed tea, dark cranberries and wine colored leaves. So to feed my love for the color, I put together a list of some beautiful, affordable Aubergine pieces in stores right now, and more importantly-how to wear them!

Coat: BlackFive, $58.99 // Eye Shadow: Clinique, $15
Lip Crayon: Forever 21, $8 // Lip Cream in Copenhagen: NYX, $6
Floral Headband (top) : Miss Selfridge, $18 //  Floral Headband (bottom) : Forever 21, $6.90
Mini Skirt: Topshop, $55  //  Heels: Gilt, $99 (My invite link to the site is here)
Dress: Dorothy Perkins, $35 // Purse: Nine West, $99

Aubergine also reminds me of MAC lipstick in the 90's. Isn't that kind of weird? I have fond memories of always wanting a deep plum MAC lipstick when I was little, and being entirely too young to own one. Think I wasn't fashionable when I was 5? Don't be mistaken. I was going through a box of my old things last week from Kindergarten and the amount of sunglasses, cheap purses and beaded necklaces I had hoarded was unbelievable! I should definitely post a picture of it someday because it's not only hilarious, but proof that my love of fashion started very, very early.

Anyway now that I've rambled (sorry about that), here are some tips for creating the perfect Aubergine outfit of your own....

How Do I Wear It?:

1) Add Neutrals - When in doubt, mix Aubergine with what's already in your closet. Black, whites and neutrals all work perfectly. A tan color can really make your outfit look seasonal too!

2) Monochrome -  If you're more daring, have your entire outfit be based on one shade of Aubergine. From your heels to your lipstick! The result will be stunning and quite simple to pull off!

White Blouse  + Black Purse + Black Heels + Skirt = Sophisticated Lady!

Wishing you all a wonderful week! How are you enjoying Fall so far? Let me know below in the comments!