Tribal Patterns and Bold Colors

Jun 3, 2014

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a wonderful week! Thanks so much to everyone who did the survey attached to my Happy Birthday post a few weeks ago. You can still complete it if you'd like, but out of all the votes it seems you guys really want more outfit posts. So guess what I have today? :)
I know my legs are paler than a ghosts...I don't tan well so just ignore that lol...

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Earrings: Target (Old), similar here and here.
Bracelets: Chain (was a gift) but similar here! , Giraffe Bangle by Fornash
Bottom: Francescas Collection (Sold Out Online), similar here.
Sandals: Target

This outfit is one of my favorites just because of all the bold colors...including my latest favorite, coral! There is literally color from head to toe which I love! I went with a lot of geometric shapes in this look and coordinated different sized patterns in similar colors to keep the outfit interesting. It keeps the eye moving and also keeps the look fun! 

I highly suggest this kind of relaxed look for warmer weather. It keeps you cooler and is much more comfortable than something tight. Tight clothes in hot weather are just painful. Where I live, the temps in the summer can get up to 100, so pretty much all of my summer staples are oversized, relaxed or flowing. I highly recommend it if you live in a warmer climate or an area where it gets very warm in the summer! Making your clothing a little more lose makes all the difference, I promise!

I'd also like to thank Rathana for nominating me for my second Liebster award! :) I've already done one so I feel like I can't do another, but I'll be happy to answer the questions for you!

1. What’s your favorite fashion item?  Definitely shoes! I love shoes so so much, and whenever I pass Louboutin's I have to stop and stare at them. Funny but true!
2. How would you describe your goals for the future regarding to your blog? I don't focus so much on the future of my blog. I post for fun and that's really all it comes down to. I'd love to incorporate more Interior Design and DIY on my blog. So that might come in the future. But I don't even know for sure! 
3. If you could feature a star in your blog post, who would that be? Emmy Rossum. Her style is just amazing. 
4. Are you a high heels person or a flats person? Flats! I'd love to be a high heels person but I can't walk in them to save my I'm really doing everyone a favor by wearing flats. Trust me!
5. Have you ever worked with brands, if yes, who was your favorite one? Nope.
6. What’s your favorite fashion designer? Kate Spade hands down. I'd live in a Kate Spade store if I could. 
7. If you had a high budget this month, which pair of designer shoes would you buy? The Sophia Webster for JCrew Poppy Pumps. Picture is here. I'd just have to learn to walk in them haha. 
8. How many bags do you own? Surprisingly not too many. I'm not a big bag person. That's why you never see me with bags in my outfit posts. I'm trying to make my collection better!
9. What is your next fashion piece you want to shop in the near future? A new wristlet. I need one with college classes. Purses don't work so well with tote bags. 
10. What’s your must have for summer 2014? Nautical Accessories!
11. What would be a fashion faux pas from your point of view? Anything with the basic Uggs. I'm sorry, but those shoes need to go away now. 

Have a great week everyone!