Valentine's Day Dresses: Flirty, Feminine and Romantic!

Feb 1, 2014

Going out this Valentine's Day? Even if you're just hitting the town with the girls--you can still get your flirt on! Dresses in February are some of my all time favorites because they are so romantic and feminine. The intricate lace, detailed necklines, bright reds and soft pinks are way too good to pass up. Plus, romantic dresses can always be re-used for events like summer weddings (or almost anything if it's black!).

After bookmarking way too many dresses for fun on my computer, I decided to share some of the my favorite dresses in stores right now. The ones with sexy sophistication!!

1) ModCloth-$52.99  // 2) Ruche- $44.99 // 3) ModCloth-$49.99
If none of those dresses are doing it for you, don't worry! I got you! Here are even more dresses for V-Day! Hope you find the perfect one for YOU. When you find something perfect for you and your personality, it really shows! Trust me...when you find it you'll know. It's like love at first sight with...well...clothes? Well it's something like that. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks so much to all of my latest followers!!
xoxo Dayna

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