How to Shop Thrift Sales!

Oct 5, 2013

Where I live, October arrives with thrift, yard, and rummage sales galore. I swear I've been raised around them since I only had my babysitting money to work with as a teen. I think it's paid off because I've found a lot of bargains at these sales. The picture above includes some great deals I found this week all in one shopping trip. Loft, Free People and a Designer belt! 

I'm not going to lie...with these kind of sales comes a lot of junk. The process can get pretty messy and time consuming. But always remember that someone's trash is another's treasure. If you have the patience, you too can find great bargains! Here's how!

Rules to Follow:

1) Be Early  - If you really want a deal, it's good to get there before the crowds come. The early bird does get the worm after all. I have gotten some insane deals because of this. 

2) Look Through Everything - Often the best bargain buys are hidden where shoppers don't tend to look. I find that a good amount of  people don't have the patience to search to the bottom of a bin or look under piles of items. But patience is key at these sales if you want to find something great. 

3) Question the Price - Before you even let yourself see the price...think to yourself, "What price would I pay for this?" Then check the tag. If the price is nowhere near what you'd pay, forget it. It's not a deal and you know it. 

4) Check the Quality - A $100 sweater might be on a rack for 5 bucks, but it doesn't mean that it's really a deal. Check for stains, tears or rips. I have run into many sellers that like to prey on people. Be smart and don't let it happen.

5) Will I use it?  - Avoid the impulse buys. It's never a deal if it's going to sit in your closet and collect dust. Think about how many times you will honestly use it. If it's more than a couple times, you are good to go!

What's been your best find at a thrift sale? Share below!