HOW I STYLE: Ombré Necklaces!

Jul 23, 2013

Thanks to Polyvore, today's post is inspired by their latest contest, 'How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces?'.

The ombré trend is pretty prominent in clothing stores here in the U.S. I personally have seen it most in cut-off shorts and skirts. But with Fall around the corner, those items don't seem like they'll be so popular next season. Therefore, we are focusing on ombré necklaces. Why? Because they work for all seasons!

How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces?
SHIRT: H&M-$20 // HEELS: ZARA -$49.90

How Do I Wear It Now?
Plan your outfit around your necklace. To make the necklace stand out on it's own, it's best to first choose a neutral top. Choose a patterned bottom with colors that coordinate with the necklace's main color. (I.E. silky shorts, a skirt or knitted pants). Finish with a shoe (I prefer a heel) that features the necklace's color, but doesn't scream for the most attention in your outfit. 

How Can I Wear It Later?
When the temperatures drop, so does the colors that we wear. For the late Fall and Winter months you can just change your patterned bottoms to black ones. Allowing just the correct pop of color to show.