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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trending Swimwear for Medium to Full Busted Women

As a woman will a medium sized bust, and family and friends with fuller busts; I can't emphasize enough how much I hate those super cheap bikinis that look amazing but provide no support. It's like a gag gift sitting on a shelf. 

Today is all about swimwear you can wear that doesn't look like 1) You're going to fall out of it in 10 seconds and 2) Are sexy and not old lady-ish!!

Here are some of my favorite places to find bikinis, tankinis and one pieces that will actually work with our bodies. Oh, and of course they're affordable :)

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Shade and Shore offers padded swimwear tops that range in sizes 32A-38DDD. It takes the guesswork out of deciding what size you need. Since it's Target the prices aren't sky high, and the tassels and details they add on are so cute! I bought the bikini the woman on the left is wearing for this summer and love it! 

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Asos has their own fuller bust swimwear section, with tons of options! You can also individually filter out what cup size you need, and they have a high range of sizes. The fuller bust collection seems to range from sizes 30DD-38I. A lot of their tops are on sale now for $8. Maybe you'll find your size is still in stock and really score!

3) Zulilly
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Zullily gets new product everyday, and because of this product sells out quickly - especially cupped swimwear! It's a lot like TJMaxx in the fact you get high quality product for a lot less. All you have to do is sign up with an e-mail to see the product, and then you can search to your hearts content. I recommend using the filter under swimwear by bra cup sizes. I have placed orders with them in the past, and love how fast their shipping is!

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Adore me is a bra, lingerie and swimwear store which requires a membership. You pay $39.99 a month and that amount goes as a credit to your account for purchases.  You can skip any month as many times as you want, and get instant refunds if you forgot to skip a month. Or if you're like me, you can sign up, buy what you need and cancel afterward (it was just a few clicks!). Swimwear sizes go up to a 46DDD. Since they specialize in bras, they know what their doing when they make their swimwear, which really matters!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Stitch Fix Review!

Stitch Fix Review

Hi guys! I went on a bit of a hiatus this winter but I'm back! Let me say-there is nothing worse for a fashion blogger than trying to pose over a mound of snow in a dress. 

Social media has been ablaze with subscription boxes lately. Did you know you can get subscription tampons sent to your door now? Crazy! It was time I try one of the fashion boxes out and give an honest review to my readers.

For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that goes directly to your door.  Upon signing up you fill out your style profile. It helps your stylist understand your body type, budget, what you're looking for, and your overall fashion style. You then sign up for your first box. You don't have to subscribe to a monthly or weekly box unless you want to. I was unsure, so I only ordered 1 box. When your stylist selects your items you will be charged with a $20 Styling Fee. The $20 is applied as a credit to your account, and can be used on anything you want to keep from your box. 

Once you get the box, you try everything on, decide what you want to keep and return the rest to your mail carrier in a prepaid bag. You have three days to decide before you need to ship the product you don't want back to Stitch Fix. Otherwise your account will be charged for it. 

Stitch Fix Review

So here was my box. I got a pair of jeans, a maxi dress, a bohemian top, navy fitted blazer and drop earrings (not pictured). After promising myself I'd only keep two pieces, I decided I liked the blue top and blazer the most. The blazer fit so well it looked like it was tailored for me-and it worked sow ell with the boho top it was a no brainer! I paired the pieces for this shoot with my favorite Seven7 jeans from TJMaxx and some Franco Sarto booties. 

The Verdict:

First and foremost, I paid for my box and was not paid for Stitch Fix for this review. 

If you're on the go a lot and pressed for time I'd definitely recommend Stitch Fix. They provide great options, affordable pricing (if you choose) and everything in my box was made of high quality materials. All items fit me perfectly and was my style. It was a lot of fun to shop at home and I'll definitely order another box from them in the future!

If you'd like to order a Stitch Fix box, please use my referral link! If you do I'll get a discount on my next box. Which is pretty awesome.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

xx Dayna

Monday, January 2, 2017

What I'm Loving: Patches & Rose

Trending Dusty Rose and Patches

Since I haven't mentioned what's trending in quite a while, I've decided to put a spin on my usual post and give you the latest deets on what fashion trends I'm crushing on at the moment!

If there's one thing I'm loving in fashion right now it's the nod to the 90's with patches. Using patches is so rebellious- you decide which patches you want to collect and iron onto your clothing. What a way to make a statement! Many designers have taken the frustration out of the equation, allowing you to buy jackets and shoes with the patches already added. My favorite are the rose patched booties above--serious in the front and a real party in the back!
I'm also loving all of the dusty rose colors on sweaters, bralettes, you name it! The color is very romantic, especially if mixed with a velvet texture. If you like more of the athliesure look, PINK is brimming with rose colored sweats and leggings at the moment, and they are having their Semi-Annual Sale right now! I think this color looks amazing with all skin tones, making it an necessity in your winter wardrobe.

By the way, if you love the boots in the picture above, you can find them here. :)

xx Dayna