Saturday, July 23, 2016

Boho Chic: Eyelet Top and Gladiator Sandals

Time for another outfit post! I think this outfit is one of my favorites by far to put on the blog; just because it's so bold and fun! Did I also mention extremely comfy? My boyfriend also had a lot of fun taking pictures of me at weird levels. Whatever keeps him happy, am I right?

I got this top at Target pretty recently, but it seems to be completely sold out online. :( . So if you're really devoted to finding it I suggest you go to your local Target and see if they have it! It's worth the trip. Luckily I found some great back-ups from Target as if you're more of an online shopper you can still purchase a similar look. 

Talking about shopping....if you don't know yet, check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that opened to the public yesterday! You can get a lot of high end stuff for a lot less than normal retail prices. Go here to check it out ! 

                                       Top: Target (Almost Exact 12) // Shorts // Gladiator Sandals

Now on a more serious note...

As a blogger with many blogger friends around the world, I want to take the time to say my thoughts and prayers are with you all. The world is a nasty place lately, and my heart is with those of you ...especially this week for those in Germany and France. 

xx Dayna

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