On the Fringe: Black Suede Skirt and Cutout Tank Top

Dec 20, 2015

When it comes to the Holidays, I refrain from wearing bright sparkly items and lean towards tons of black. Maybe it's because I love New York City? So when Forever 21 had a sale on their new suede fringe skirt for Cyber Monday, I had to buy it! 

Honestly guys, this skirt is one of my favorite purchases ever. It's sleek, sexy and long enough for me to rock at work! Did I also mention that it's super soft and comfortable? I wish I had black booties to go with it, but I don't...so as usual I worked with what I had! If you get it I highly recommend wearing black booties! The top is also from Forever 21 and the material reminds me a lot of leggings...skin tight but super comfy! The rest of this outfit is from thrift stores. Shop small guys! It makes a difference! But if you're interested in getting a bag similar to mine, I have some great alternatives listed below for you!

Get the Look: 

Wherever you are around the world, I personally wish you a wonderful holiday season and very happy, healthy New Year! Thanks so much to all of the followers that I have gained over this past year. Your follows mean the world to me and keep me motivated to keep this blog going!

Stay strong, unique and awesome :)

xx Dayna

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